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Amanda Gorman: The Hill We Climb

“The Hill We Climb” (2021) is the poem Amanda Gorman wrote and read for the inauguration of US President Biden. She follows in the footsteps of inaugural poets like Robert Frost and Maya Angelou – at age 22 “We’ve braved … Continue reading

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Garth Brooks Narrowly Avoids Snubbing Vice President Kamala Harris After His Amazing Grace Performance

Sometimes, you have to discuss what your readers want to talk about. And this is one of those times. But in my own way I had already addressed this. https://unholypursuit.wordpress.com/2021/01/21/you-dont-need-anyones-permission-to-be-excited-about-something-congratulation-to-all-african-american-women/ Imagine if you are the Vice President of the USA … Continue reading

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You don’t need anyone’s permission to be excited about something. Congratulation to All African American Women!

For those whom the Inauguration of Kamala Harris means the most to and the long wait is final over. Congratulation. You long deserved it. There would be no America were not for the labor of black women. I can imagine … Continue reading

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History was made Saturday. The USA will finally have a female Vice President.

Americans has been voting for presidents since 1789. Maybe I need to rephrase that: White males in America have been voting since 1789. No one else were allowed to vote. In 1789 George Washington was unanimously elected first president of … Continue reading

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