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Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s Husband, Dies at 99

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II’s Husband, Dies at 99 He was the longest-serving royal consort in British history. 73 years. Prince Harry looks like Prince Philip.

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Cleopatra was not the Last Pharaoh. She was the Last Ptolemaic Pharaoh.

Some years ago, I discovered that traditional history lied to us about the line of the Pharaohs dying out with Cleopatra. It didn’t. The red and white pieces of the pharaoh’s crown meant something the rest of the world didn’t … Continue reading

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There’s a Giveaway going on right now for “King Eochaidh, The Horse Warrior”

    The giveaway is less than a day old and as you can see it is a highly sought after book. So I suggest there’s no other way to win a copy than to enter. 🙂   King Eochaidh The … Continue reading

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