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100 Romantic Things to Do for Your Wife, Husband, or Partner

This is a reblog. I thought the numerous things on this list which is quite long, but very romantic presented many way to spice up your love life. It’s a kind reminder that’s important all year round to make your … Continue reading

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What brought about the Age of Romanticism? And how was it different from the Age of Enlightenment or Reason?

What brought about the Age of Romanticism? The Age of Romance within itself was not what we take it to be today. It was an age of individualized expressions of many things not wholly love and romance as we believe … Continue reading

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Shinning Star by The Manhattans

Shinning Star by The Manhattans Oohh yeah Honey you are my shining star Don’t you go away Oh baby Wanna be right here where you are Until my dying day, yeah baby So many have tried Tried to find a … Continue reading

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She Walks in Beauty

She Walks in Beauty By Lord Byron  She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes; Thus mellowed to that tender … Continue reading

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These 10 Cartoons Perfectly Depict How Beautiful And Horrible Living With Your Partner Can Be.

I thought these were funny and something every couple could relate to. ————— These 10 Comics Perfectly Depict How Beautiful And Horrible Living With Your Partner Can Be Living with your significant other is a beautiful thing. Whether you’re married, … Continue reading

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The Immortal Lover Series: Desultory Passengers and Taste of Eternity.

To be released at later date.

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After Christmas Sale of “The Immortal Lover” Ends 1/1/18

Oops! I forgot to mention the sale ends January 1, 2018.   The Immortal Lover  

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King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior

The year is closing and those who love King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior asked that I repost it. Thank you for your request and thank you for your support.   via King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior        

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True Romance isn’t always romantic.

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