Survive: A word that can mean many different things to many difference people.

To one who survived an remission of cancer the word has a much stronger meaning to him or her than one who survive their work week until the weekend.

To one who survived an episode of homeless the word has a drastically different meaning than to one who breakup of a relationship.

Survival of a precious art work or ancient artifact through the passage of time is one form of survival. The art work is inanimate so it did nothing on it’s own to survive.

It would be wonderful if the same applies to humans and other living things. But unfortunate that is not the case. Each living organism must be responsible for it’s own survival.

Although, one human life is far more valuable than any artwork therefore just as we ensure the survival of a priceless work of art.  We should work equally as diligently to ensure the survival of the great work of art on earth. Human being.



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Are you being gaslighted?

   The subjected came to mind when someone asked me if the main character of the “Unholy Pursuit Series”  was being gaslighted? I guessed in many way she is.  Considering all the mysterious things happening to her.  But just not the most common way known. What’s happening to  her isn’t being done by anyone she knows. It’s being committed by complete strangers. I did research on the subject before writing the book and found there are many different forms of it.

   A narcissistic, manipulative person and a gaslighter aren’t always the same thing. A narcissistic, manipulative person can become a gaslighter but not always. In most cases a narcissistic, manipulative person is a pain in the butt, not a killer. Gaslighting is a crime committed with the death of the target as the ultimate goal. Most narcissistic,  manipulative people do not kill. Although, they can make one feel like that way.

   Criminal gaslighting is usually conducted by someone the victim do not know. I found out through studying criminal reports in college that it is the most common form. Not the form that has been glamorized in movies where the husband is gaslighting his wife because he wants her out of the way.

One of the most common forms is a lying campaign. They are so successful because the basic of human nature will believe a lie far quicker than the truth. Deep down in the dark nook of our soul most humans like to hear of bad things happening to another person. Many people are drawn into gaslighting campaigns without the least clue they are aiding and abetting a criminal.


How do you know if you are being gaslighted? If any of the following warning signs ring true, you may be dancing the Gaslight Tango. Take care of yourself by taking another look at your relationship, talking to a trusted friend; and, begin to think about changing the dynamic of your relationship . Here are the signs:

1. You find yourself constantly second-guessing yourself
2. You ask yourself, “Am I too sensitive?” a dozen times a day or it seems other go out their way to make you uncomfortable or to inflict pain or ridicule.
3. You often feel confused and even crazy at home, work or social settings.
4. You’re always apologizing to your mother, father, boyfriend, boss for the least real or imaginary offense?
5. You can’t understand why so good things in your life have turned sour.
6. You frequently make excuses for your partner’s behavior to friends and family.
7. You find yourself withholding information from so you don’t have to explain or make excuses.
8. You know something is terribly wrong, but you can never quite express what it is, even to yourself.
9. You start lying to avoid the put downs and reality twists. True Gaslighters works with partners. Those doing the putdown are usually someone working with the gaslighter.
10. You have trouble making simple decisions.
11. You have the sense that you used to be a very different person – more confident, more fun-loving, more relaxed.
12. You feel hopeless and joyless.
13. You feel as though you can’t do anything right.
14. You wonder if it’s all in your mind.
15. You find yourself without answers to the weirdness.

16. Series of unusual, unexplained events take place.

I know this sounds like something out of a horrible movie but this is a reality for millions of people. Someone trying to get away with murder.

These are a few ways of identifying Gaslighting. The good news is that knowledge is power. Once you can name this all too insidious dynamic, you can work towards changing the dynamic, or getting out or moving away—to take back your reality, and, get more enjoyment from your life.

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Book Review of “Girl Child in the Unpromised Land.”

I was asked by the author, Rachel Hightower to write a review on this book. I find it’s well written and well researched. It’s a historic, statistical outline of women lives who later became African America women. But the most interesting thing about this book is goes further. It tells of their plights of captivity from their homeland, and sold into the Middle and Far East. Of the long reach of the slave trade  into the New World and beyond. I learned a lot I didn’t know about the slave trade.

I had no idea the trade was going as far East as China into Japan. The original routes were what is commonly known the Silk Road. I was impressed by her through research. It reminded me of something someone like Professor Louis Gates would write.

I was unaware there was once a trade out of Europe during the 7th-11th century. It usually was done for a debt unable to be paid. One should sell off one of their children. Usually a daughter. Never to be seen again.

She mention the fact that much of this history has been buried. That we must uncover this buried history to learn they why of many of the chaos we see taking place today. That incidents have a root cause. They don’t fall out of the clear blue sky.  You can not understand the world around you if you don’t know the past or refuse to look at it; regardless of how ugly, gory or filled with grimness it maybe.

It’s a very haunting,chilling account of the cruelty of slavery, and human trafficking. More lives has been lost in this lucrative business than we will ever know. She shows how what the world have been dealing with since the notorious terrorist attacks of recent years can all be trade back to the wars fought over this trade started nearly a thousand years ago. That bitter battles were fought in the Sinai Peninsula to prevent the trade and how many different nations participated.

She had a vital point. A society is only as strong as it’s weakest link.

I think “Girl Child in the Unpromised Land.” is an excellent read for anyone who truly willing to learn about the plight of these enslaved women and their lives even after freedom in America. Too often people pay lip service to a cause but never bothers to learn the truth about it.

Mrs. Hightower points out the blatant fact that African American women face a double set of discrimination to a degree that no one else in American faces. She faces racism and sexism.

I won’t go into deeper details but it is a very interesting book. But it is definitely a book that will make you think.


Girl Child in the Unpromised Land


Girl child with border and back complete eBook

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Art! Who comprehends her?

Source: Art! Who comprehends her?

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When good people do nothing. Chaos follows.

This is one of you all’s post on the King Eochaidh thread. I think it worthy of a second posting. It made me think.

Link to the post


You may not be aware of this but in some parts of the world your work is already a living classic. The reason being is that “Unholy Pursuit: The Devil on Trail” is akin to or very much like how Nazism got started and spread like a disease in the world. No one was paying attentions to nor cared the victims just as no one is paying attention to Ana and Bea and no one cares but Ana’s family and Ashton rather or not Nikola kills them. The Nazi hunted people in very much the same fashion before they because the all powerful Third Reich. It didn’t happen over night. When the world started paying it attention it was too late. They were too powerful to stop without a war. That’s how you book have ended up on the world stage as correlation of what happens when people stick their head in the sand and refuse to look at things for what they actually are. I commence your courage to write it.

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Sloth Bear

I think he or she’s adorable as can be. I have never seen one but would like to someday. I have never seen a bear with a mane.




Khal20080410-191MMiThe sloth bear (Melursus ursinus), also known as the labiated bear,[2 is an insectivorous bear species native to the Indian subcontinent. The sloth bear evolved from ancestral brown bears during the Pleistocene and shares features found in insect-eating mammals through convergent evolution. The population isolated in Sri Lanka is considered a subspecies. Compared to brown and black bears, sloth bears have lankier builds, long, shaggy coats that form a mane around the face, long, sickle-shaped claws, and a specially adapted lower lip and palate used for sucking insects. Sloth bears breed during spring and early summer and give birth near the beginning of winter. They feed on termites, honeybee colonies, and fruits. Sloth bears sometimes attack humans who encroach on their territories. Historically, humans have drastically reduced their habitat and diminished their population by hunting them for food and products such as their bacula and claws. These bears have been used as performing pets due to their tameable nature.[3] The sloth bear is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN due to habitat loss and poaching.

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Happy, suspense or sad endings. Which do you prefer?

The dilemma I am facing today is which ending most people prefer? Happy endings, suspense, or sad endings.

I was asked why aren’t the endings happy? Well, there are many happy moments through the series. I can’t give away too much but things changes as the series progress. But in my humble opinion, I think the endings are pretty happy. They managed to outwit Nikola and live another day.  When dealing with a pure diabolic, psychopath living another day is a happy ending.

I never thought seriously about giving all the books a happy, sad or suspended ending. They all ends with however the plot is steering the story. 

I was wondering do most people prefer a happy ending or what? I first thought about it years ago when I started writing the series.  My first beta readers were off-line people. (No, most were not my family.) They were people I met through various walks of life. They preferred a realistic ending that fitted the plot. They didn’t care for happily ever after endings at all. Some even refused to review the next book.  So I went back to the original idea I had in mind and they liked it much better. 

No, I am not telling you how the story almost went that caused such an outcry among my beta readers.

     Recently, one reader suggested that I put Ana  and Nikola together and let them have a happy ending. I asked her to offer suggestions in how to accomplish that without changing the entire plot. How can I make Nikola into a nice warlock? Who stop acting like a psychopath and murdering people?

She replied, “You did it with Azazel.”

I told her it took millions of years for Azazel to learn how to love someone with his heart. Nikola is mortal. He doesn’t have millions of years to straighten up and fly right. It would be nice in life if we could convince people like Nikola to be good but that isn’t going happen. The only thing Ana would get trying to love Nikola is death and that isn’t my idea of a romantic story. I know that’s the popular Hollywood idea but my idea is the person lives a good long time past the heady romantic stage of the relationship and still love each other.

In my opinion, it all depends on the story itself rather the ending can be happy, sad, or a suspense. If one is writing about human trafficking or a kidnapping. We all would like to see a happy ending and are besides ourselves with joy when all turns out well. I do believe these stories can end well. “The Ransom of Red Chief” did.



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Those affected by the Manchester Bombing are in my prayers.

  With all the hate and uncertainty in today’s world we never know what will happen from one moment to the next.  Which is why it’s more important than ever to be kind to each other. Those affected by the Manchester Bombing are in my prayers.



bouquet of flowers

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I’m gonna Pimp Your Books. Mrs. W.

An early twenty year old man who is a friend of mine’s son, who is in college but just came home for the summer said to me,  ” My brothas and sistas loves da way you gots da story going. It’s real. Ain’t none o’ dat phoney sh*t. My fam loves this. This is tight.  I’m gonna help you pimp your books. Mrs. W.”

All I should do was stare at him for I’ve never been good with slang. I stared a few seconds before asking him to clarify himself. Exactly what does he plan to do with my book? I mean I can’t dictate what someone does with it once they buy it. But I had no idea what pimping a book meant. He laughed and said. “My friends at school loved it. We put up flyers for you in the UCLA Student Civic Center billboard.”

His mother swatted at him and said, “Why didn’t you say that to begin with? You had Alma thinking you and your group intended to do something horrible to her books.”

He argued that why couldn’t authors be allowed to say how great their work is. Everyone else does it. Every commercial on television or internet where a product is being sold, the seller and manufacturer is speaking of how great it is. But no one says anything but the moment an author say their book is good the backlash is they are tooting their own horn. He asked how will anyone know how good it is if you aren’t allowed to tell them. He explained in this fast moving age you only get five seconds to get someone attention.

I then had to ask him what caught him and his friends’ attentions?

He said that spooky black cover with the last of the daylight filtering through the  trees . Everyone have imagined what if your car breaks down on  a lone back road like that and it’s almost dark. What kind of weirdo might come alone or be on those back roads.

 I had never thought of marketing as ‘pimping’ but in a way I guess it is. And I admit, he had a point. How will anyone know if you aren’t allowed to tell them?



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