Investigating Paranormal Activities.

I was asked did I investigate paranormal activities to write these series? If you mean ‘investigate’ along the line of such things as going to old spooky houses to talk to ghost? No, I didn’t. I feel real life is scary enough. But yes, I did investigate accounts of the paranormal activities. I also recounted many stories the elders told. Whether their experience was real or imaginary? I don’t know. I didn’t ask. I learned early on if you asked them too many questions they clammed up and you never learnt the rest of their story.

Although, I do believe in the world of science. But I also believe science has its’ limits. That science can not explain everything. Maybe one day science will be able to explain the great unknown but according to science: Matter can not be created nor destroyed. It can only change shape or form. So, if it can not be created means it is infinite. And even the infinite comes from somewhere. If life is an energy force meaning life is a form of matter that lives on or exist beyond death in some shape form or fashion. Because the energy force doesn’t cease even according to scientific definition. So, doesn’t it take on another form of existence? Religions says it does. Science has never out right said it does but admitted it isn’t destroyed for ‘it’ is matter. This theory is as old as humanity. I think there’s something to the existence of ghosts or people wouldn’t have kept talking about them for eons upon eons of years. Every culture, no matter where you go has their belief about ghost, demons and other spiritual entities. What did they encounter to make them say these things? I do not know. I have compared enough evident to events to learn there’s some truth to all legends. Was this their way of explaining the unknown? Maybe.

Science, philosophy, medicine or anything can become one’s religion. Religion can be anything one excessively admire and worship. It doesn’t have to be an otherworldly deity which is the most common definition. It can be knowledge, a celebrity, an object, an idea, a theory, science, or even a loved one. Anything can become your god. Therefore, the deep admiration and unshakeable faith and belief in; of an idea, a theory, a person or an object can become one’s religion.

People too often loosely use the term ‘religious belief’ without fully understanding the meaning of the words. Everyone has some form of religious belief whether the service is conducted in a lab, online, or in a church or temple. It’s still one’s religion.

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Ana-When she’s peeved off. There will be”Reparation”

Ana BuFaye is such a nice person. In many ways, too nice for her own good. She’s nice even in her kills. She’s so nice and kind she even gives the offender a choice of the gun or the blade because either way you are going to die if you’re fool-hearted enough to try to kill her or her daughter Bea. She’s meek and mild when left to her own merit. She has a heart of gold, the compassion and empathy of a saint and the courage of a lioness. She never starts anything but if anyone starts anything with her she’s bind to finish it.


Prologue of  the book “Reparation”


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I was once a librarian.

I was reflecting over the many hats I have worn in my lifetime when this former occupation came to mind. Believe it or not, I was once a librarian. I worked five years as one. I enjoyed it for you got to order and read tons of books you may like.

You got a first shot at exciting newspapers and magazine articles and new stories before they hit the public. Yes, libraries often have the original copy of a story. I think this practice was started years ago predating the internet and copy machines.

You got to see famous people’s actual signatures and often times if still living you got to meet them in person. You would surprised at who visit and give presentations at libraries: Authors, writers, politicians, actresses, actors, play writers, musicians, dancers and many more visit them for an audience. I got to meet lots of famous people. Another perk was getting free tickets to musicals, operas and plays like, “The Phantom of the Opera” “The Lion King, “Cats” and many more. You got the ticket to go and write a view of the show.

The library I worked at had numerous famed works and famous books signed by many famous people. Including Ethan Allen Poe.

Another thing I liked…you got to see so many different types of books. So many different types of formations, styles and designs. Some of the most beautiful books I have ever seen were handwritten and binded. The place was huge and built in the early 19th century so you can image there was a lot of echoing going on.

As with any job there are going to be parts you don’t like. What I didn’t like was typing the microfilms, photocopying old dusty articles and such. I didn’t like re-shelving books. But the good thing about that was you didn’t have to work the front desk where everyone was asking a billion questions. You could hide among the rows and rows of books and read or do your homework. Of course, until your boss came looking for you. That’s when you pretend you wasn’t reading the book but shelving it. LOL!

I didn’t like having to look for a book a lazy visitors who didn’t want to make the effort to look for what they needed.

All together, it was wonderful experience. An experience I wish all young people should have.


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Tuskegee Army Nurses-Heroines

After reading the stories of these brave women’ history I must say they lived truly remarkable lives. They may not had been the famed fighter pilots but their contributions were no less heroic.

What makes it so heroic is they enlisted during a time when African American women were not accepted in many branches of the medical field and if she succeed in obtaining her license the vast underpay made it not worth the hassle. But these women pursued it anyway and made history.


Tuskegee Army Nurses

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Welcome Newbies! We are happy to have you!

via Welcome Newbies! We are happy to have you.


To all new arrivals. Welcome. Feel free to join in any discussion, old or new.



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Conversation with a reader.

I have been thinking about something a person in the audience said this past Saturday afternoon at small bookstore I was invited to talk about my series. A man cried out when I finished speaking, “I wouldn’t have come to this meeting has not I saw where you had a publisher because the self-publishing industry is a mess.”

The room grew quiet, and everyone looked at me as if I was responsible for the man’s comment. I had to address him. He was too loud to ignore.

“I asked how many self-publishers’ work have you read that gave you that opinion?”

He shrugged his shoulders, looked me dead in the eyes and said, “It isn’t the work. The books aren’t bad..not bad at all. Often better than the big publishing houses but the readers are sick of the silly competition between self-published authors. On several books, I’ve gotten an instant messages once I clicked ‘like’ on Facebook or Twitter of someone telling me not to read that book and how horrible it is… to read such and such book; it’s much better. Or saying horrible things about the author’s personal life. I hope they know readers aren’t stupid or don’t care about the writer’s personal like. That’s their business. We know it’s the friends of the author of the recommended book or the author themselves saying those things. That’s a major turn off. You guys needs to get your act together or you gonna destroy the market. You guys don’t even support each other so how do you expect the public to support your work? Readers love to see the harmony and support among authors as they do any other entertainers.”

I asked, “Did their strategy work? Or did you receive such a message pertaining my work? If so, I apologize.”

He shook his head, “Nah, no one wrote me about your work. In the instants I’m referring to I’d already made up my mind what I was going to read but I just don’t like being taken for someone who can’t think for himself. Sometimes, I merely click ‘like’ after reading the blurb because I liked it but later I go ahead and buy the book because someone told me not to. I don’t like being told what to do.”

Had I known him personally I would’ve chuckled. For I’m the same.pexels-photo-844734.jpeg

I told him I’m sorry he was subjected to such unprofessionalism but most self-published authors and authors as a whole conduct themselves with the highest integrity and do not to let a few bad apples spoil his perception of writers. They’re always going to be trolls out there. No writer can do anything about them but ignore them and I hope readers do the same.

I waited until the small but eye opening crowd left . I learned something new: that readers want writers to all to get along and support each other and to cut out the cattiness. It’s driving them away. I feel many feels this way but only this guy had the courage to say it.

He was right. The more authors you support the more exposure for your own work. Think it over.

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The Crazy Ones― Rob Siltanen

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”― Rob Siltanen

The Crazy Ones

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Sudden changes are the most forceful advocator of the greater good.

via Daily Prompt: Suddenly

Mild changes pacify and lullaby us. Keeps us in a delusional state believing that all is well, when that may not be the case at all. While sudden, harsh changes force us to quickly sit up and take notice. Prompt us to act! Often for the better and greater good of ourselves and those around us. Sudden changes aren’t always bad. It all depends upon which way you allow the sudden winds of change to blow you.

~A. White

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Lillian Alling-The woman who walked home to from NYC to Siberia.

A Russian immigrant, named Lillian Alling was homesick and wanted to return home. The 25-year-old named Lillian Alling was said to be an introverted and quite reserved, furthering her sense of isolation. She perceived the New Yorkers of the 1920s to be aloof and elitist, looking down their noses at a foreigner struggling to feel like she belonged.

Lillian Alling had worked steadily since arriving in New York two years earlier, saving up money to board a steamer ship back to her native Russia. Despite her best attempts, she never had enough. Low on funds and desperate to return home, she packed a handful of possessions and began walking. Her plan was to make the more than 5000-mile trek on foot, refusing anyone who asked for an explanation.

Over the next several years, Lillian Alling would become known in the Yukon as a mysterious figure who hiked along paths that proved difficult even for experienced outdoorsmen. She was headed for Siberia, she said, and nothing—not winter, sickness, or the law—would stop her. She didn’t give two twists what anyone said…she was going home and that’s all she had to say about it.

She carried an iron bar for protection. I can’t imagine what her experience must have been like. She was following the Yukon Telegraph Line and stopping at telegraph cabins which were said to be 30 miles apart. To keep her from killing herself a judge locked her up for several months after she was found in such malnourished state but when released from prison she was back on the trail again, heading home.

Now, I see how Napoleon lost at Waterloo if these people could withstand such rugged terrain.

No one know for sure did she make it back to Siberia but they believed she across the Bering Strait with the help of the residents of Alaska.

This is what I call grim determination.

(Link to the rest of the story.)

Lillian Alling’s walk back to home.



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