Being The Brave and Sure

I hope everyone is safe and well during this trying time.

I hope everyone is staying away from the public while this terrible virus is going around. Businesses can be regained. Another ‘you’… can not. Nope, the world can’t get another ‘you’. You are one of a kind so please behave accordingly.

I read about some young people braving it against the virus saying they aren’t afraid. Staying indoors doesn’t mean you are afraid. It means you want to live to see another day. It means you want to live to grow up and have a family, to tell about your being smart and brave.

New York is under mandatory lock down. Mainly because NYC is the largest city in the world and people from all over the world comes here. All nonessential businesses are closed.

I hope people utilize this time to do good unto others. Become closer to their loved ones. And realize just how precious life truly is and sway away from wasting it on nonsense and harmful things.

This pandemic has affected everyone’s lives no matter where you lives. This is so different from SARS,  H1N1, the flu pandemic, Influenza pandemic of 2009 and the other viruses we’ve dealt with in the past.
List of Famous People with Cornavirus

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Saint Patrick’s Witticism -Get these snake offa my plains.

St. Patrick and snakes

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The coronavirus is bringing life to a halt.

Many places are shutting down. Schools are closing. Colleges are cancelling classes. Some place you can’t find bottled water, toilet paper or paper towels. The coronavirus is bringing life to a halt.

Some are comparing it to Influenza of 1917. Let’s all pray it does not reach that epic proposition. The death toll for Influenza of 1917 is estimated to have been anywhere from 17 million to 50 million, and possibly as high as 100 million, making it one of the deadliest epidemics in human history.

We are much more prepared to deal with a Pandemic than the people of 1917. Some have suggested we are born with a certain amount of immunity to these viruses being direct descendants of the people who survived the 1917-1919 Influenza. That has proven to be true with the descendants of other Pandemics such as the Bubonic plague.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!~ Getting to know the Real St. Patrick

Now that every one has hopefully gotten over their hangover from consuming too much green beer. I want to talk about the origin of the Holiday. The real St. Patrick was not Irish, a Scot, nor British, he was from ancient Gaul which later was renamed France. Some believed he was out of the monastery set up by Saint Paul. Of course, many years after the death of Paul.

Yes, I’m aware it’s said in later years he was born in Britannia, which was occupied by Rome. How could he had been born in Great Britain when Great Britain didn’t exist in 3rd century A.D. It wasn’t firmly established as Great Britain until over 700 years later under the rule of Richard the LionHeart. And the UK wasn’t formed until May 1, 1707.

What we know of him today is a good example of history revisionism. You can not change history to suit whatever is popular in the present day. It’s firm. Whatever happened, good or bad, it’s set in stone. Things like this is why I backtrack and read so many older books because too many things has been changed in later years to suit whomever sponsoring or doing the writing.  A lot of that has gone on in later years with everything from literature to art.

The leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold, fairies and clovers had nothing to do with the real Saint Patrick. All of these things are actually parts of the ancient Celtic religion already existing in Ireland (ERIN). Many cultures maintained their symbols of their cultural faiths and practices and incorporated them into Christianity just as the Romans did.

The shamrock is a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, was said to be used by Saint Patrick to explain the Holy Trinity in his ministry.

He was never formally canonized by any pope because during his life time the order of the pope as we know it today was not firmly established.

The legend of St. Patrick driving snakes out of Ireland is symbolical. Because of Ireland’s position, an island nation surrounded by icy waters, it’s not likely snakes were there in the first place. The snakes were bad people not literal physical animals called snakes. The snakes he were referring to were the Romans. They occupied Gaul, Saxon, Wessex, England  Erin and Scotland at the that time and were still killing Christians. I know Constantine had legalized Christianity by this time but when has legalization ever stopped evil people from doing bad things?

green and white leaves illustration


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Character Quote: “The Whole Truth Allows Suffering to Speak.”

Richell Preston-The Whole Truth Allows Suffering to Speak

From the book “Have a Cup Of Life


Have A Cup of Life- Richelle college years

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“The Unintended Gift” From Those Who Have Hurt You.

The Unintended Gift.

When looking at things from an asymmetrical view you realize and come to understood that those who hurt you gave you significant empowerment, an endowments that no loving, caring individual would’ve ever given you.

Had they known what they were giving you…. they probably wouldn’t have done the deeds to cause the pain.

For example: You don’t know quality, until you experienced the deplorable.

You don’t know graciousness until you experienced the reprehensible.

What’s more, you don’t know harmony until you discover it in your heart to make harmony with everything that occurred. Totally treat them as insignificant as they truly are.

Again, I say the person (s) who hurt you the most, who pushed you to the brink of collapse and broke all your suspicion that all is well and good – made you look at the truth… he or she gave you important blessings that no benevolent individual would ever given you. His or her conduct enlivened you to locate your own internal quality, fill your heart with benevolence and sooth your body and mind by making harmony with all the fixings that were once broken. Mainly yourself. They and the pain they inflict in a way teach us how to live and move one without them.

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The Blog for~The Tree: The First Book of the Chronicles of Ana.

I create a blog for each book. I’ve gotten around to creating one for The Tree

The Tree: BlogThe Tree Ipad

I have found that creating a blog for each book gives it an extra boost of attention.

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Too many “I LOVE HIM’s” in a book are annoying.

I just read a book recommended to me for a review where I didn’t know it was possible for the nearly the entire book to be about how much the main character loves her man.I’m serious…I kept turning pages looking for the mental disorder that was bound to be revealed soon. But nope, there was none, this was supposedly a sane character.

The book read like this:

I love him so much I can’t function when he isn’t around. (swooning) I can’t sleep, eat or even use the bathroom.

                                          I love him!

I love him! Never mind he does bad things to me. I just love him        to  pieces.

(Give me a reason why the character love him to pieces. Not simply because he’s handsome, has a hot bod, rich or have cute dimples. I need more than that. There has to be something in it for the woman besides the extreme mental aggravation. If not, then the story is pure misogynistic. That sounds like something from pre-feminisn days.)

I read a little further, it doesn’t take much long to get to another declaration of her love for him.

I love him.

The other women in his life are all bad. I’m the only one good.  He proves it by treating everyone like trash for me. ( graphically, rolling my eyes)

                           I love him!


I love him!


  I love him!

My girlfriends won’t tell me I’m obsessed because they support me. They stand behind me in my madness.

I’m just now learning he’s cheating.

Now, I’m out of control with my blind obsession. I’m finding out who he is cheating with. I must kill her. I must have him all to myself. I’ll  kill, hurt maim or destroy anyone who comes between me and my undying love.

(Sorry, dear but you’re staring at a jail sentence.)

My heart is scattered. I’m dying because he is still cheating and I can’t find out who is the other woman. He lies about everything. But I still can’t leave him. I’m not leaving him because he will move in with her.

Did the character get out of the relationship? Yes and no. She moves on to another man exhibiting the same insecure attachments but try to maintain a friendship with the first obsession.

Sorry, I can’t  write a review on such asinine novel. I don’t care if it was written by a best selling author.

This isn’t love. This is not romance.  This is an unhealthy obsession.

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Is the success of your book or blog measured by how many comments you received?


The answer is yes. Your blog or book serve as a store front to your ideals, books or what may you’re presenting to the world. Just as with physical stores who do not receive lots of traffic or customers dry up and go out of business so will a blog.

Blogging isn’t easy and if you’re a full time writer you have limited time to blog. Between the marketing, and traveling to meet fans in person, and writing there’s very little time left for blogging.

Some writers try to set aside at least an hour or two a week  to blog.  Because maintaining contact with your fan base is just as important as writing your next book to thrill and entertain your fans.

I learned that fans are a lot more understanding than the pop media gives them credit for. If they know why you haven’t contacted them or replied, most are very understanding.   🙂









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