How Many Enemies Do You Have?

I was being a beta reader for a book of Alma’s called, “How Many Enemies Do You Have?” I liked the mystery of it. It’s not a whodunit story.

Like I told you all, Alma has hundreds of books she wrote over the years. Most, no one has never seen them.

I will share the introduction with you all.

It’s the story of a woman who doesn’t know she’s hated by men and women for her beauty and the danger in not knowing how people feels..


Absent of evident doesn’t mean absent of existence.

“Absence of Evidence does not mean Evidence of Absence”, an old quote by Dr Carl Sagan, means, in a very simple term,that, if there is lack of evidence of presence of a thing, does not always conclude to the absence of that thing totally.

Why is proof of evidence not evidence of proof?

The difference between evidence vs proof all comes down to whether or not something is completely proven to be true. Just because it can’t be proven to be true doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Proof is conclusive; evidence is not always necessarily conclusive. Evidence and proof are closely related. But not exactly the same. Proof comes from providing the evidence.

Thereof the lack of it, proof doesn’t wholly say something doesn’t exist or isn’t effective.

Follow your hunch. Trust your divine intuition. If someone doesn’t like you believe their signals. Your life may depends upon them.

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Alma Haven’t Forgotten You All. She Loves You Guys and Is Going To Be Ticked Off I Told You All. 🤣

Alma had to take a break from her blogging to work on finishing up her some of books but she said she haven’t forgotten you guys. That’s why I’m here helping her out. I’m not a great blogger so please bear with me.

Hopefully, when she emerge from the piles of papers she’s buried in she will bring out “Clash” and a few out books.

She loves you guys. 🥰🥰🥰

Even the argumentative ones. 🥰🥰🥰

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A Texas woman has been charged with murder after a so-called ‘self-induced abortion

About a year ago Alma was talking about a

book she wrote dealing with this same issue. Lo and Behold, a lot of old cases that Roe closed are presently being reopened and Alma said they would do that.

Under the erasure of the Roe era even your baby’s father can have you arrested for “killing his baby.” And there are plenty of MFer’s out there spiteful enough to do it.

I am sure everyone know by now whenever Alma write things like this they’ve a strong chance of happening, coming true in the future.

I’m used to this trait of hers but a lot of people aren’t.

A Texas woman has been charged with murder after a so-called ‘self-induced abortion’

April 10, 20228:26 AM ET



Carolina Cuellar 3-Minute Listen

A Texas woman has been charged with murder for a what authorities are calling a self-induced abortion.


In South Texas, 26-year-old Lizelle Herrera is being charged with murder because of a, quote, “self-induced abortion.” She’s been arrested and will be arraigned Wednesday. The Starr County District Attorney’s Office has yet to comment on the case. Here’s Texas Public Radio’s Carolina Cuellar with what we know.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: (Chanting in Spanish).

UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE: (Chanting in Spanish).

CAROLINA CUELLAR, BYLINE: On Saturday, across the street from the Starr County Jail, a sparse crowd of pro-abortion rights activists chanted for Herrera’s release.

UNIDENTIFIED PERSON: (Chanting in Spanish).

UNIDENTIFIED PEOPLE: (Chanting in Spanish).

CUELLAR: At the protest, Cathy Torres, the organizing manager for Frontera Fund, said based on what she knows about Herrera’s case, it isn’t likely to be unique.

CATHY TORRES: This is only setting a precedent for other cases. She’s not the first. She won’t be the last.

CUELLAR: She said many women in Texas are having to choose self-administered abortions because of the state’s restrictive abortion legislation, like Senate Bill 8. While SB8 explicitly exempts pregnant women who get an abortion from criminal repercussions, it makes it nearly impossible to access abortion services in Texas, and many people are left with little to no legal options to terminate their pregnancy.

Steve Vladeck, who is a law professor at the University of Texas School of Law, said that based on current information, the murder charge doesn’t make sense.

STEVE VLADECK: The Texas murder statute does apply to the killing of an unborn fetus, but it specifically exempts cases where the person who terminated the fetus is the pregnant woman.

CUELLAR: It’s unclear whether Herrera induced her own abortion or assisted someone else’s self-induced abortion. He said details like which statutes were used to charge her will help paint a clear picture of how prosecutors avoided the exemption if Herrera performed her own abortion. But right now, this information is unavailable. Nonetheless, Vladeck said Herrera’s situation shows what will happen as legal protections around abortion crumble.

VLADECK: You know, I think what this case really is is an ominous portent of what things are going to look like on the ground in states that have aggressive abortion restrictions.

CUELLAR: Jessica Brand agrees. She’s a former prosecutor and founder of The Wren Collective, a criminal justice nonprofit organization.

JESSICA BRAND: We’ve had a lot of wake-up calls in Texas for how far people are willing to go to prosecute women, to strip women of their rights.

CUELLAR: According to Brand, while legal ground for the case is shaky, it shows how legislation like SB8 emboldens people to push legal boundaries around abortion. She adds that as restrictions continue to grow, they will disproportionately affect marginalized communities, like those along the Texas-Mexico border. This is because they often lack the resources that would allow them to travel out of state and obtain safe medical abortion services.

BRAND: It’s very, very dangerous. If they decide that a self-induced and termination of pregnancy is, in fact – qualifies as murder, you can imagine the horrific precedent that sets.

CUELLAR: Shortly after the protest, a legal defense fund covered Herrera’s $500,000 bail. I’m Carolina Cuellar in Rio Grande City.

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Project Do Better

Project Do Better: Enough For All, in Four Phases

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Mindful You, Mindful Me

Alma asked that I load up this passage from this book.

Mindful you, Mindful me

Rules to live by:

Let Go

Learn to let go of dead relationships. Some one leaving you isn’t the same as experiencing a death. I wish people would quit saying,

“I feel like someone died,” after a

divorce or breakup. The two pains are

nothing alike.

When someone say that, then I know

they’ve never suffered the loss of a

loved one through death. Death leaves

behind a pain that never fully heals.

Time lessen it but doesn’t do away with

it. One can get over a divorce or break

up if they simply accept that the

relationship is over and let go.

  1. Don’t listen to people who put you

down. Ignore them. Live a life that

empowers you, not hinder you. Life is

too short to be constantly engulfed in


  1. It’s said, “Give it time. Time heals

everything.” I say, “Time heals

some things. Not everything. It make

some things easier to live with and

others it do not, and it’s okay if the pain

of the loss of a loved one is still there years later.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.

You don’t know if their life is really as

grand as it seems. The only person you

should compare yourself with is the

person you were yesterday, yesteryear.

  1. Stress is the major trigger of many

illnesses. Therefore, don’t worry when

things aren’t going as they should. If

they aren’t life threatening don’t sweat

them. Stay calm for your health’s sake.

It’s okay not to have everything figured

out. Know that in your progressive

time, not someone else’s progress

measure, that you’ll have it all figured out in due time, Believe me–you will.

  1. Only you can make you happy.

Never leave the charge of your

happiness in some else’s hand.

  1. Smile more often. Life is too short not to.

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Some Of The Reasons Behind The Madness of Today. Things Like Constant Mass Shootings.

One of you all asked what do I think is wrong as to why we are suffering so many mass shooting. These are my opinions that you asked fo

I have many different views as to why they are happening. I believe there are many different reasons. Some, I can give an explanation for…others–I can’t.

In college, I studied criminology and some people get a rush from killing others. Sexual rush. I know it’s not looked at this way in these series of killings, but this needed to viewed to learn if we are looking at some kind of fetish, since everyone is allowed to exhibit whatever their sexual fantasy is nowadays. This could be a fantasy being fulfilled. Which is why a society shouldn’t allow every fantasy to be fulfilled.

I’m not saying this is the case with every mass shooting but it’s worth looking into. Had they paid this aspect more attention perhaps Samuel Little would’ve been caught much sooner.

But with most of these mass killings they seems to fit the profile of a society destroying itself with its unwillingness to change. People have no roots. No way of making life better. Loss of hope. Any and everything is acceptable behavior.

No direction in thoughts and reasoning. No foundation to rely upon. Oppression is breaking the back of society, not keeping the elite safe as they erroneously believe it will.

Consumed with idiomaticity. Which is the tendency of phrases to take on meanings that go beyond the meanings of their parts.

Consumed with idiotic behavior. Most adults today act like small children. Everyone is out for some kind of revenge against someone.

The wrong doers created this toxic atmosphere of revenge by constantly doing wrong and society aided and abetted them in creating this toxic society by never holding them accountable for their wrongs. Even in ancient times, this very behavior destroyed many societies.

We’re constantly involved in petty, sadist behavior. Schadenfreude has long ago ran amok. We get joy out of seeing other suffer and will bring about as much suffering as we can. Without looking ahead and seeing where this will eventually come back and bite you in the ass. It’s as dumb as the white supremacist flooding out that town in Georgia and was surprised when some of the flood water rode high and mighty into their section of the Lake Lanier county.

Oscarville was the name of the place. and the violent removal of its Black residents from Forsyth County years before Lake Lanier was built

Lake Lanier was forced upon the land of those affluent self-sufficient blacks. The Buford Dam was also created and flooded in order to cover up the hidden horror of the county’s past. There seemed to be very little punishment for racial injustice, egregious to some but appalling to most, in Forsyth County.

You can’t keep endlessly doing these things and expect your society to thrive.

We’re living in a society where systematic mistreatment is considered normal. Micromanaging the hell out of everything. The masses feel they have nothing left to live for. When people feels they have nothing to live for…they will harm out of hopelessness. That’s why petty laws that snuff out hope need to taken down. Done away with.

I know you’re going to say. “Many of these shooters were white.” Well, their way of thinking can almost certain be traced back to the ideology creating the destruction of Oscarville. This is why the White Privilege reality need to die. It needed to have perished years ago.

Many of these young men grew up listening to lies told by older racist men on how superior they are to everyone esle and went out into the real world where they had to show their abilities based upon talent and skills. Unlike in their community where things are given simply you’re you. They can’t handle not being viewed as superior and attack.

Another scenarios is we allow bullying and gangstalking to rule the day. Used all kind of scatterbrain reasoning to justify it even existing when it’s nothing more than the modernization of the old lynch mob. The cell phone and internet has made this crime much easier to commit. Congress refuse to pass law forbidding hacking.

Well, a person already driven mad by years of stalking, become not caring if they live or die. They become the shooter and takes out as many people as possible. People whom they believed were their stalkers or like those stalking them.

What I mean by this legalized harassment is some states have on record a collection agency can harass a person for twenty years over a minor debt. That makes not a lick of sense.

Why don’t just bring back the public debt hangings. That would be more merciful.

Some states have it where those who apply for disability are mercilessly harassed. Again, they place sadist in these jobs and then wonder why we are having mass shootings?

Those in positions of power know good and damn well it doesn’t take all the mean, diabolical heavy handiness in dealing with the poor which they ruthlessly apply dumb laws to do so. Disabled people are not criminals. Being sick or disabled is not a crime.

Another view is that people nowadays don’t know how to let go of a person. Be an adult and let go of a romantic relationship that isn’t working. They think like a small child and has no business getting romantically involved with anyone until they are mature enough to handle the possibilities of a broken heart when they choose to love someone. The risk of a broken heart is always there.

Despite what society says or songs praise–you can’t own people. You can’t own their emotions or their hearts. Marriage is not ownership. If the person is making you miserable… then let them go. The innocent people the shooters harmed haven’t a thing to do with that relationship, but people haven’t been forced to look at that immature behavior for what it is. This is part of the agenda of we have no strong roots today. No one to say, “Stop acting like a nut.”

Going Mad
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One Less Kiss

I have been reading this story of Alma’s “One Less Kiss”, and I love the main character Randi Preston. Love her so much I’m taking and using some of her sass the next time someone annoys me.

“There are two places you can stay for free. That’s in your own lane and out of my business.”

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Hi everyone, my name is Anna, Alma’s friend with car problems.

Hi everyone, my name is Anna, Alma’s friend with car problems. Hiya! I’ll be your hostess on this blog for a few days or at least until the owner’s calendar is clear.

I’ll try to answer some of the questions asked of me when Alma first introduced me to you all.

First of all, I’m a big fan of Alma’s work. I know it’s great writing for I get to read it before most people. If the sales were better she could spend more time here on the blog. Not many writers are financially well off enough to simply write.

Alma had to take an absence from the blog to work on and finished many of her nearly a thousand stories. Yea, that’s how much work she has done in a lifetime. A lot of it is short stories and essays.

I haven’t read everything she wrote yet… but I’m getting around to it.

Okay, back to me…One of you all asked me some months ago what it is like being deaf. I usually doesn’t answer such questions because I think they’re rather rude but I realized the inquirer’s gesture was well-meaning.

To answer it, you live in a world of silence. I don’t know any other way to describe it. It seems to me that others have a bigger problem with it than I.

Another question asked. “Which states are good for people like myself?”

I think that depends on race and gender. If you’re white and male in America. They are all about the same. But if you’re black and female you had better be careful where you select. A clue to anyplace…the more it’s bragged about being such a great place, stay the hell away from it. The richer, the crazier.

A third question asked. “What is being a gangstalked victim like?”

Well, if you’re disable, then most likely you will be targeted. Harassed. It’s like having someone following, hacking, spying on you 24/7. Every aspect of your life is under surveillance.

Had serial killers like Samuel Little been watched as much as I’m watched, I believe many of his 93 victims would be alive today. At least he would have been caught much sooner.

Most states have pure psychos and sociopaths handling disability cases. People who have no sympathy for the handicapped and doesn’t live in the real world. They’ve a mentality of “Us against them”. The them are the handicapped and disabled.

Some states are worst than others. The richer a place is, the more they dislike the handicapped. Sorry, if it sounds blunt but that’s the America I’ve seen. I can’t talk about one I haven’t seen.

Alma and I met in college. She’s truly a remarkable woman.

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Opals Found On Mars

Mars in the daytime

NASA’s Curiosity rover has discovered a large number of opals on Mars that could help solve the question of whether life ever existed on the Red Planet? Opals are only found where water once was. The discovery made them wonder could the Red Planet provide water for any future human missions to the Martian surface. Considered a gemstone, opals display shimmering colors that usually look like rainbows.

Considered a gemstone, opals display shimmering colors that usually look like rainbows. These gems are formed when silicon oxides dissolve in a moist environment and then harden in the cracks between rocks. This process transforms opals into miniature oases that can contain up to 20% water.

Martian opals have previously been spotted from afar by NASA’s orbiter, and have been identified in Martian meteorites that have fallen to Earth. Now, a team led by Travis Gabriel, a research scientist at the US Geological Survey, shows that the Curiosity rover has also encountered light-colored opal deposits on the Martian surface.

Scientists know that Mars was much wetter and warmer about 3.7 billion years ago, but the presence of opal deposits in Gale Crater suggests that the planet may have also experienced short-term flooding during the past few hundred million years. Although it is unlikely that life still survives on the dry Martian surface, these brief floods may have helped microbes survive deeper underground, or preserved microbial remains in opals.

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