The Banshee Cries-Free Book

by Patricia Morais

Melissa just moved into her new dorm. She hopes that new friendships will help her forget the events of last year that brought her there. But while her past keeps on creeping in and a chain of mysterious murders starts around her, Melissa is left without knowing who to trust.

A Halloween short story, based on the world created by Patricia Morais in the “World of Shadows” series.

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Mother Did You Know

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Mother Did You Know
On May 6, 2021 By Swarn GillIn Prose and Poetry

*I dedicate this poem to women in general, but also to my mom, who is an amazing woman and still inspires me to be more to this day.

mother did you know
it’s all your fault
you caused the fall
of man that them’s the breaks
when you talk to snakes

mother did you know
you’re not quite human
humans should be a male
those other parts
aren’t on the chart

mother did you know
that your emotions
make you weak
and at 40 you’re
past your peak
your wisdom
your courage
cause so much fear
that instead of
being vulnerable
they sneer
and jeer

mother did you know
you’re a body – that’s it
one that must submit
and if a man bruises it
beats it broken
it means you really
shouldn’t have spoken

mother did you know
you’re not supposed to enjoy sex
but ironically you want it
even if you don’t flaunt it
somehow you’re always asking
what you wear is just masking
and if you decide to show it
boy then, they really know it
you don’t need to give consent
men know what you meant
he would have been such a gent
if you weren’t giving off a scent

mother did you know
you can’t want more
you have a role
so just put aside your goals
you can have it all
only if you do it all
I know it’s not fair
it seems insane
but that’s what you get
for going outside your lane

mother did you know
no other group has survived
so long an oppression
legislating your bodies
out of your possession
through witch trials
laws permitting rape
and voice suppression
men mutilate you
murder you
send you to slaughter
men say “I love you mom”
then violate somebody else’s daughter

and mother did you know
that every single day
I stand in awe
at how you all persevere
and still manage to
hold your boys near

mother did you know
I’m glad you didn’t tell
me these things
you just loved with
unerring equality
and kindness
patience and
color blindness
taught me spirituality
can break us free
from our prison
and that we can always
do better
if we learn to listen

and mother did you know
as a man I’ve had to
unlearn many things
at times
admitting a hard truth
but then there’s you
whose womb
you made room in
because of you
I know
what it means
to be human

If you’d like to hear the poem read, go to the site listed below,

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms.

Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms. Hope your day is a pleasant and happy one.

  A mother may only hold your hand to help you walk when you’re small but holds you in her heart to carry you through life forever. __A. White

For those of you whose mother is deceased, I’m sure she feels your love and you feels hers.

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The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation

by Anna Malaika Tubbs

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Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms. Hope your day is a pleasant and happy one.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers. Hope your day is a pleasant and happy one.

  A mother may only hold your hand to help you walk when you’re small, but holds you in her heart to carry you through life forever. __A. White

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Ma’Khia Bryant Didn’t Have To Die

Some of you all mentioned in private letters to me about the 16th year old who was recently killed by police. Asking was I aware of it and asked were I going to mention her?

Yes, I’m aware of her and yes I intend to mention her. First, I want to say; It was something that didn’t have to happen. This should’ve ended much different.
Police departments need to learn how to deescalate situations, not escalate them. Most need racial training as corporations require their people to attend.

The call for help didn’t have to end in her death. Knocking the knife out of her hand with the extended baton would have worked just as well as the gun. At least she would still be alive.

Why didn’t the officer use other tactics to stop Bryant short of shooting her, such as tackling her from behind or using a stun gun.


It seemed to me that lots of people has placed Ma’Khia on trial based on this one incident where they see her swinging a knife. I will admit, that looks bad. Very bad but I still believe things should have been handled differently. I wonder why aren’t we looking further and figuring out who were those girls and women attacking her?

How did they get there?

How did this develop so quickly?

Why were they there? Did they live there? In the course of everyday life, teenager, do not attack people with knives.

We know that Ma’Khia Bryant was in her grandmother’s care for 16 months after being taken from her mother’s home and before landing in foster homes.

Records show that Ma’Khia Bryant’s little sister sought help for them. Law enforcement records show that the younger sister of Ma’Khia Bryant called 911 asking to leave their Ohio foster home a few weeks before the fatal police shooting. Perhaps they would have been safer had they simply ran away.

After studying the video and other info made available, I realized that it “may” had a been a long, on-going case of harassment, deliberating provoking the person to attack. Provoking an attack, to get the outcome you want.

The watery thin excuse of the terrible housework– I feel was a ploy, more or less a cloy used as an excuse to say something rude and disrespectful to the girls. I’m not saying they were great housekeepers. What teenagers are? But bad, even terrible housekeeping was not worth steady and bullishly pushing the issue until a confrontation was brewed.

She had been living at the foster home that was the scene of the shooting since Feb. 14 of this year and apparently, should have not been there. The foster home of Ma’Khia Bryant was the subject of over a dozen 911 calls since 2017.

I talked a lot about gangstalking and street threatre because many people seems unable to recognize it. It’s not obvious behavior. It’s covet behavior carried out by a group of people that usually have a deadly motive. It is not comething to be brushed off as simply the complainer is paranoid.

Yes, gangstalkers will harass until they bring their victim to their end writ and the victim’s attacks and death of the victim is the result.

Gangstalkers are a group of people with not an ounce of normal human moral or common human decency. There’s no level they will not scoop.

What makes me label this something deeper is that according to the teen’s aunt, the young girl called the police for help after getting into a physical altercation with a group of females at her foster home. Bryant, who was armed with a knife for protection, but instead, she was immediately shot when the officers arrived at the scene.

No, I didn’t expect someone as young as Ms. Bryant to recognize what was happening to her.

If he just ‘had‘ to shoot her…why didn’t he shoot her once in a normal fatal spot like her arm and then take the knife. Why did he keep shooting? That’s the question. That was not necessary.

She’s still alive. Now was the time to get her aid. Not shoot her again and again. The other girl had escaped.

One thing the young lady in the pink suit said worried me, “We got her.”

First of all, why was anyone even after a 16 years? They’ve no money. They’re mouthy. They’re kids. They are nothing but bigger versions of six year olds.

“We got her.” Those words chilled me. What did those two mean by that?

About a month ago her sister called 911 begging to be placed in another foster home; Saying, if they remained there, she was going to kill someone. Police have the authority to remove someone who feels unsafe in their surrounding or feels they are in danger, even if it is tempo. They don’t need to go through any legal procedures to do so. They can remove children, the elderly, battered women and even pets if they see or suspect signs of mistreatment.

Most cities have shelters for such children. I don’t mean detention or jail. I mean a shelter. They stay there until another foster parent is found.

African American children are already at a great disadvantage entering any foster care service. In the children’s services system sometimes failed to value Black voices and experiences and poorly equipped foster parents to raise these children without any understanding of the child’s family, sometimes resulting in the children in their care experiencing racism.

And about the man kicking the young woman in the face. No, that was not right. He should have been arrested. I don’t know what’s his connections are to the whole ordeal, but that was’ not’ the way to conduct himself.

Truth be told, the case is odd.

There’s nothing to add. The image speaks for itself.
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Stacey Abrams has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize

Earlier this year, it was confirmed that Stacey Abrams has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize – here are her five facts about her.

OSLO, Norway – U.S. voting rights activist and Democratic Party politician Stacey Abrams has been nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for her work to promote nonviolent change via the ballot box, a Norwegian lawmaker said.

Most recently, she’s mostly known as the woman who helped Biden won the state of Georgia. Many believe she is the legitimate governor of Georgia.

Stacy Abrams

How often is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded?

The Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee presents the Nobel Peace Prize in the presence of the King of Norway on 10 December each year (the anniversary of Nobel’s death). The Peace Prize is the only Nobel Prize not presented in Stockholm.

To receive a nomination speaks volumes in a person’s career.

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Stop Killing Your Darlings.

A common piece of editing advice I see all the time is :

Kill off your darlings. Don’t be scared to remove chunks of your work, even if it feels precious to you.

And I say; don’t be afraid to keep chunks of it, if it serve a purpose.

I say if it’s a passage that’s you have been told you don’t need, but it is really hard to part with, try using it somewhere else. Don’t destroy it or erase it. You won’t remember how you worded it weeks or months later. And besides, it was you who created it. Clever, witticism, deep profound paradigms aren’t as easy to come up with as they seems. It’s your darling. Treat it accordingly.

Save it, so you can enter it later in your piece of work or if you are doing a series; use for another book.

Remember, it’s you the writer who is dreaming up the manuscript. Not the editor. No one knows exactly how it goes except you.

Don’t merciless butcher your work. Remember, you are writing a novel, painting a full mental image not a creating a pamphlet to sell a timeshare.

Ok, if it was unimportant it wouldn’t be called a darling and, you, the author wouldn’t have put it in manuscript. Quite contrary to belief, most writers seek to use as little words as possible. Some scenes are difficult to bring to life with a minimizing of words.

I often see slain darlings throughout novels and it leaves a novel with more holes than Swiss cheese and the editor try to fill in all the gaping holes with emotions. Readers can detect when something has been removed.

Don’t do it.

Don’t try and plug the literary holes with a bunch of whining and crying, falling and stumbling. Emotions are very important to build a crescendo but too much and many outbursts drags a story down.

Edith Wharton in The Age of Innocence is a good example of why you ‘don’t‘ kill off your darlings. Why would she need to have gone into some depths to display many different sides of her characters? I mean these were just a bunch of self-serving American aristocrats but she gave her readers a full dose of her darlings with the opening scene of opera setting and seating. Who sat where and why. The importance of the seating paved the way for the rest of the story. It told who was influential and who were not. Who would cause trouble, refusing to conform, and who would be passive.

Another thing, most modern readers expect the darlings to be killed off. Don’t do it. Surprise your readers. Most readers feel they can predict the end of most novels. No matter how well-written, most readers find that their darling is going to die in the end. Spice things up. Give your readers a surprise ending they were not expecting.

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Truth Is Like A Lion

Defending the truth and telling the truth are not the same thing. Simply tell the truth and then let the chips lie where they fall. Then the chips will rise up, roar, and defend themselves. You can’t quench truth, you can not stomp it out, lies don’t defer it. You can alternate it. But it always comes back to it’s true self.

Truth can not be forced to fit anyone’s will. For the Will of truth is divine.

No matter how many times you attempt to kill it. Truth can be hidden but it can not be killed. ~ Eugenia Harris, in “Rhime of An Ancient Warrior

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