The Difference Between an Editorial Review and a Book Review

Book Review vs Editorial Review

A Book Review is moreso an individual reader’s personal taste in the book whether it be the writing style, novel’s topic or even the genre. A reader’s mood swing at the moment can affect their review.

While an Editorial Review is less personal and more professional. It can be a great tool in increasing book sales. It’s where the reader  points out the pros and cons that makes a book great or not so great.  It’s more of an evaluation.

Although, both works to the advantage of the book getting into the hands of other readers. Book reviews have the greatest allure to the general public because they are written by everyday readers not professional analyzing the book. But when professional marketing it’s the Editorial Reviews that pulsl the punch.

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What is Juneteenth?

Many outside of Texas have never heard of Juneteenth because in most Southern states the commemorate date of the Emancipation Proclamation is celebrated January 1, because of Lincoln signing the proclamation on January 1, 1863. Juneteenth, means June 19, 1865 is when the news of the emancipation finally reached Texas. Two years later after it was signed. It wasn’t enforced in Texas until after Lee surrendered to Grant.

Lincoln unveil the proclamation on the heels of a Union military success. On September 22, 1862, after the battle at Antietam, he issued a preliminary Emancipation Proclamation declaring all slaves free in the rebellious states as of January 1, 1863 the date he signed the Emancipation Proclamation.
Juneteenth is a festival held annually on the nineteenth of June by African Americans (especially in some southern states like Texas), to commemorate emancipation from slavery in Texas on June 19, 1865.

Juneteenth is one of the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States. Dating back to 1865, it was on June 19th that the Union soldiers, led by Major General Gordon Granger, landed at Galveston, Texas with news that the war had ended, Lee had surrendered, and that the enslaved are now free. Note, that this was two and a half years after President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation – which had become official January 1, 1863.

The Emancipation Proclamation had little impact on the Texans due to the minimal number of Union troops in Texas to enforce the new Executive Order. However, with the surrender of General Lee in April of 1865, and the arrival of General Granger’s regiment, the forces were finally strong enough to influence and overcome the resistance. There were a few conflicts skits but nothing like a real battle due to most surviving soldiers hadn’t returned home yet.

Later attempts to explain the two and a half year delay in the receipt of this important news have yielded several versions that have been handed down through the years. Often told is the story of a messenger who was murdered on his way to Texas with the news of freedom.
Another story is that the news was deliberately withheld by the enslavers to maintain the labor force on the plantations. Sounds probably.

And still another, is that federal troops actually waited for the slave owners to reap the benefits of one last cotton harvest before going to Texas to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation. I seriously doubt this one because the Union soldiers were peeved off as hell after four years of war and wanting to go home

All of which, or neither of these version could be true. Certainly, for some, President Lincoln’s authority over the rebellious states was in question For whatever the reasons, conditions in Texas remained status quo well beyond what was statutory.

When one write historical fiction you come across lots of things that by today’s or any decent standard that are very inhumane, cruel and petty. But these things are important because they still affect how people behave today.

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Author’s Attitude Expressed Towards a Subject.

How to Recognize Attitude Expressed by the Author Towards a Subject.

Author’s Attitudes

I disagree with a lot of what’s written in the writing course about recognizing an author’s attitude or feelings toward a subject. Because authors are actors who perform on paper or keyboard. The characters or subjects they write about aren’t always a true indication of their feelings on the particular subject.

It is fictional and often times no real indication anymore than a actor who plays a space alien is actual an alien from Mars.

Yes, even some fictional books are social and political statements but not every book. How do you know if a book is social and political statements? I would say by the author’s seriousness on writing about the subject. But then again, sometimes people write about what’s popular at the moment with no real emotional investment in the issue.

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Ghosts of His Past

Book recommended. I find many books via recommendation of others.


I haven’t read it yet but intend to.

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Welcome! New arrivals! Bienvenue à bord! à votre santé (Cheers)

Everyone! We’ve new arrivals. Everyone let’s make the new people feel welcome.

Lets give a big Welcome to the New Arrivals!

Bienvenue à bord (Welcome aboard!)

à votre santé (Cheers)

I’m happy you found us! !!


tower historical france paris

Eiffel tower

New arrivals and as well as long timers, feel free to comment on any post you like or dislike or finding interesting.

We hope you enjoy your time with us.


A. White

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Giacomo Girolamo Casanova- one of the single greatest influencers of the Age of Romance.

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova was an Italian adventurer and author from the Republic of Venice. His autobiography, Histoire de ma vie, is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of the customs and norms of European social life during the 18th century. He is considered one of the greatest influencers on the Age of Romanticism (also known as the Romantic era) was an artistic, literary, musical and intellectual movement that originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century, and in most areas was at its peak in the approximate period from 1800 to 1850.

His life influenced the works of many such Lord Byron- Baron George Gordon Byron, Robert Browning and many more .

The way the man is often depicted in later day books and movies as being a slender man with feminine features. That’s isn’t how he looked. From accounts of him written by others; he was quite a big guy. Over six feet tall and weighing over 200 lbs. I wondered why anyone five feet six to five feet seven inches tall. That was the standard height for a man in those day would want to pick a fight with someone that big?

He pretty much become the standard for romance novel leading males characters in novels the Victorian Age onto the present day.

One can not be a true romantic author and not know about that the guidelines of their literary work was based upon the chivalry and sometimes not so chivalrous life of a real person.  I’m not talking about the Middle Ages definition of chivalry. Which is sometimes called courtly love.

No, I don’t mean Kurt Cobain’s Courtney Love

Courtly love is a highly conventionalized medieval tradition of love between a knight and a married noblewoman, first developed by the troubadours of southern France and extensively employed in European literature of the time. The love of the knight for his lady was regarded as an ennobling passion and the relationship was typically unconsummated.

Some say it courtly love is what existed between Guinevere and Sir Lancelot.

Nah! I doubt that.


The Making of Casanova peach lettering resized best-1

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One author alone can never satisfy most readers’ appetite.

I am sure you agree, that one author alone can never satisfy a reader’s appetite. That’s why most of us have several favorite authors. Most of us have many different genres we read as well. I know I do. It depends on my mood at the moment as to which genre I may read.

Sometimes I read as long as a month especially if reading a series that has been completed.

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400 Years Since The First Captured Africans Arrived In Jamestown, Va. June 6, 1619.

Ghana's Point of No Return



Why is 1619 an important year in African American history? And for American as a whole? This is a very important date. It’s important because it marked the starting point of what this nation would eventually become. A more depriving copy of serfdom. Slavery in the Americas was largely based upon the feudal lord system of Europe.

The date can not be ignored because every single American’ life has been affected by June 6, 1619.

Today, June 6, 2019, marks the 400th anniversary of the arrivals of the first Africans designated to be slaves in an English colony. It mark what African Americans are speaking of when they speak of “400 years of oppression in America.”

400 years of oppression in America

The Atlantic slave trade or transatlantic slave trade involved the transportation by slave traders of enslaved African people, mainly to the Americas. The slave trade regularly used the triangular trade route and its Middle Passage, and existed from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

On this date, approximately twenty to twenty three slaves arrived in Jamestown in 1619, which eventually led to the growth and development of slavery throughout the British colonies in North America. Another important event that occurred in 1619 was the creation of the Virginia House of Burgesses that set the format that legalized slavery in the colonies.

Africans first appeared in Virginia in 1619, brought by English privateers from a Spanish slave ship they had intercepted.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. Help trace as best as possible the Points of No Returns and the captives final designations.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database.

However, there are conflicting stories as to where these original 20-23 people came from. Some accounts say they came from Angola in West Central Africa. That they were captured in a series of wars that was part of much broader Portuguese hostilities against the Kongo and Ndongo kingdoms, and other states. These captives were then forced to march 100-200 miles to the coast to the major slave-trade port of Luanda. They were put aboard the San Juan Bautista, a Spanish slave ship, which carried 350 captives bound for Vera Cruz, on the coast of Mexico, in the summer of 1619.


Jamestown Virginia History of 1619

Another story is that they came from Ghana’s Point of No Return which was Dutch controlled. It’s a huge white washed fortress, a Dutch Fortress in ELMINA that still stands today.

ELMINA, Ghana-Point of No Return

Ghana’s Door of No Return opens up Ghana’s slave past. ELMINA, Ghana, for many, it was their last glimpse of their homeland, Africa. Pushed through the “door of no return”, millions of Africans were shipped from places like this whitewashed fort in Elmina, Ghana, to a life of slavery in Brazil, the Caribbean and America.

Although this isn’t talked about when historians in general, speaks of the Trans-Altantic deadly voyage because so little is known about the fact that thousands were taken to Europe, China, the Middle East, India, Japan, South East Asia. In short, these captives were taken all over the world. But not in such large populace as those taken to the Americas. These slave caravans mainly traveled via the Silk Road. Except those who designated for Asia Minor. They had to cross into India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Their Point of No Return led to a voyage across the waters to a point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Indian Ocean, south of Africa at Cape Agulhas. The Indian Ocean, the third largest, extends northward from the Southern Ocean to India, the Arabian Peninsula, and Southeast Asia in Asia, and between Africa in the west and Australia in the east.

Perhaps we may never know for sure where the Africans of Jamestown, VA came from for there were Points of No Return all over Africa during the 14th to 18th century.

But I’ve always wondered if they came from the Spanish, Portuguese, or Dutch or whomever else….how did the English end up with them?

We have enough evident and the know-how to make the next 100 years, the 500th anniversary much better than the previous 400 years.

When we will learn that bad ideas never lead to anything good?


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Ashes of the Phoenix – The Fade

While out of action I had time to catch up on my reading. While browsing and looking for something different to read I stumbled across this book and it’s proving to be interesting. Odd, but very interesting. In truth it is not odd. There are millions of people who lives like this.

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