An ancient love story. Arabic Literature: The Immortal Love Story of Qays and Layla

Qays and Layla

An ancient love story much like Romeo and Juliet but much older. Perhaps many of you already know the story.

 The Immortal Love Story of Qays and Layla


Qyas and Layla is an immortal love story that has been living for over a thousand years. It is one of the greatest love stories  ever and one of the best pieces of Arabic literature.

It was first originated in the 5th century and was later adopted by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi. Many imitations of Nizami’s work sprung into life including Amir Khusrow Dehlavi’s Majnun o Leyli (completed in 1299). After the appearance of Nizami’s work, the popularity of romance stories increased rapidly in a fashion that wasn’t seen before. From the 12th century onwards people were so interested in themes and mystical concepts such as self-sacrifice and love-madness.

The story itself talks about Layla and Qays Ibn al-Mulawwah. Qays fell in love with Layla and began composing poems expressing his love for her and mentioning her name often. His over the top efforts to woo her made some of the locals call him Majnun (meaning madman or crazy in English). When he asked for her hand in marriage, her father refused because it would be a scandal to marry person referred to as mad and crazy. Later Layla was married to another noble and rich man who comes from a well-respected family whose name was Ward Althaqafi. He was called Ward by the Arabs; Ward means “rose” in Arabic. In most versions Layla dies from being heartbroken and separated from her lover and Qays goes to live in the wilderness. He had carved three verses of poetry on a rock near the grave, before he later died too near her grave.

The story of Layla and Majnun influenced a lot of other love stories whether they lesser known ones or masterpiece. Among the most famous works of literature inspired by Layla and Majnun is the German love story “Tristan und Isolde”, the French “Aucassin et Nicolette” and finally Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. The story of Layla and Majnun is one that has greatly influenced the genre of romance and increased its popularity.

The story of Layla and Majnun is an eternal and a tragic one that lived through the ages, traveled throughout the world, entered many cultures and influenced a lot of them.

During the days of arranged marriages romantic love isn’t a factor for a union. It may blossom later or may never. That’s  why romance was a big issue.


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For limited time only over 800 page book is only .99

For a limited only, this over 800 page book is only .99. It’s for the kindle book. Not the paper book. I highly recommend it for anyone who plan to follow this series. This is the foundation book for the entire series. You won’t meet all the characters in this book but all the main ones you will meet them.



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Previews of “The Immortal Lover” and “The Immortal Lover: Worlds Unknown.”

The Immortal Lover
The Immortal Lover


The Immortal Lover- Worlds Unknown
Immortal Lover: Worlds Unknown


A001-The Imortal Lover-resized-2

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Is the Internet giving us all ADHD?

This subject on The Washington Post was brought to mind by a psychologist who had noticed that people do a lot of skimming on the internet instead of indepth, comprehensive and thorough reading. She said it was causing many otherwise intelligent students to fail written exams because studying requires indepth reading. You can’t study for the SAT skimming the material. You can’t study for a medical license or Bar exam skimming the materials. It’s going to take comprehensive and thorough reading to pass these exams.

I won’t deny sometimes I find myself skimming but not if it’s an article I am truly interested in reading and wants to learn from it I feel it’s a waste of my time to skim. I might miss something I visited the site to learn if I skim. I find skimming only works for me if  I’m  already somewhat knowledgeable about the subject but if it’s something I have never heard of or read about, it’s best to take the time out and actually read it.


In my own humble opinion, I don’t think it’s giving us ADHD. The reason I say that because when people ask for a copy of my books they always ask where to buy a paper book. I haven’t had anyone yet to ask where to buy an E-book. Maybe it’s just my genre or subject matter. Or perhaps due to most of my readers are mature people. I don’t know.



Is the Internet giving us all ADHD?



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Preview of The Fairy Tree Troll

This is  one of the young adults or teen books of the series. This is the Amazon preview. Feel free to leave a rating.

The Fairy Tree Troll

The Fairy Tree Troll on Amazon

fairy-tree troll eBook cover

From the Prequel series

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Preview of “Meeting Sam”

No, this is not about Uncle Sam. It’s about an immortal named Sam (Samahaiel) Ana encountered him in the “Immortal Lover.” Poor Ana seems to be a bad guys magnet.


Meeting Sam, the link leads to the Amazon Preview of the book.

Meeting Sam



Cabin in the woods-use this one-2

The Cabin in the Woods


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The Paper book of King Eochaidh is at Amazon.

King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior,




For those of you who asked me about the paper book here is the Amazon link.

Thanks, your support. It is much appreciated. 🙂




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Book Review of King Eochaidh and UnHoly Pursuit: The Devil on My Trail.

Hello everyone, here is another book review.  I received it a few days ago. It was send to me via PDF so I uploading it. Hopefully everyone can review it.


Continue reading

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The Tree-Short read

This book will be out in a few days. I thought I would treat everyone with a short read.


Five year old Ana BuFaye refuses to stay in her own bed or on her side of the room she shares with her big sister Helena. The phantoms of the night have spooked her. Stories about town are that the ancient house is haunted. But Ana didn’t need anyone to tell her that. She knows it’s haunted. Because one of the haints is looking right at her. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her it’s haunted. She sees it. She sees an evil red-eyed man standing in the shadows under the ‘tree’ at night looking up at her window.

It’s the year of 2469, she thought the science’s folk  said things like that didn’t exist anymore. They were never real. They say it’s all superstition and anyone who believes it is plain stupid or suffering mental illness. People say the old people, a long time ago invented a bunch of things to scare you. They saw ghosts every where because back then, people didn’t have electricity nor nuclear energy to light up the nights. She knows they knew what they were talking about because she can see them and they can see her. Well, there goes one right now there under her window. Howling like a crazed banshee. But can a guy be a banshee? She guesses he can for that one definitely is one. He has been staring at her all night. His glowing red eyes tell her he’s evil and wants to kill her. She hugged her teddy bear closer and swallowed hard and does her usual stint when scared. Run and jump in the bed with her big sister’s and cover her head.
It was early October but still hot in the deep South. The three year old girl who shared a room with her older sister threw her doll down and bolts out the room. From the upstairs window, she saw her father driving the hover harvester out the field toward the storage. The straining sound of the engines’ gears shifting and clouds of tan hued dust signaled he was coming home. She was so excited she ignored her shoes and ran down stairs as fast as her skinny little legs could carry her. Her mother yelled from the kitchen telling her to stop running before she falls down the stairs again. But she knows she didn’t fall the first time. Something or someone pushed her. But she obeyed and slowed down, holding onto the years of hand gliding over them smoothed rails. Her brother Jack was already outside running ahead of her. He would get picked up first and tossed in the air. She liked to reach dad first after he debunked from the cabin of the harvester and be the first one Daddy picked up and tossed in the air.

Finally making it outside pass the squeaky screen door as quiet as possible; crossing the wide, hot porch to the steep steps as carefully as doable, she picked up speed when she was one step from the last step and leapt to the ground and hit it running. She was flying around the corner of the large antebellum southern house in a patch of cool grass on the west side of the house; a rare find on a hot Fall day. She slowed up a little as she passed the knobby, thick grey barked ancient fir tree she detested. She doesn’t know why but she hates that cursed tree.

Turning her mind back to the task at her, she saw her brother up ahead. She sprint across the yard toward the harvester. Jack was older, he could run faster but she was gaining on him.

The hired farm workers and her father were harvesting for the market at the end of the harvest season. The bright, hot sun beat down on her dark bronze skin, drawing tiny beads of sweat from her smooth forehead and determined upper lip. She is a beautiful child from what she heard the adult say when they weren’t looking at her like she was a new bug specimen they had never seen before. She raced passed her parents cars. Jack was two years older, he could run faster but she was gaining on him. If only she pushed herself harder she believes she can catch and pass him. With her two auburn pigtails sailing behind her she pumps her little legs harder.

She abruptly stops. Her dark amber eyes rose with the levitating of the pitchfork that appeared before her. A very angry man is holding it. His top lip is curled and snarling like an angry dog. At least she thinks it’s a man?? Where did he come from? In an instant, she saw her very young life flashed before her eyes as the man pitched the fork at her. It moved faster than she could see. Headed, flying straight for her face. It moves so fast her reflex to shield her tiny face is futile. Suddenly a hand reached out of a blinding light on her right and quickly knocked the fork downward, toward the ground. It impaled her foot instead of her head as intended. The man from nowhere glowered at her as she screamed loud enough to startle the dining crows still out in the pasture. Her eyes widen with fear when she looked down and saw blood gushing from her foot. She tried to pull pitchfork out of her foot, out of the ground but couldn’t. She was feeling dizzy from the heat and mounting fear. She could feel her panic escalating. “If I don’t get my foot free he’ll kill me.” She thinks, sobbing and pulling the handle with all her might. The light is standing between him and her but she can still sense him watching her. Watching her with a burning hate hotter than the sun beating down on her well-oiled headed. Her heart is beating a hundred pulse per second. She knows this thing wanted to kill her but why? What have she done to him?

“Baby, leave it alone.” She heard her father’s voice say. It sounded like he was speaking to her from a long dark tunnel. The hot sun was making her feel worse. She didn’t know when her mother came out nor, when her dad reached her but when her vision was clear again her mom was on the ground with her. She was sitting in her lap and her dad kneeling in front of her slowly removing the fork. The workers and her siblings were standing around, all wearing worried expressions.

Once it was out and her mother was carrying her to the car, Jacob BuFaye turned and angrily asked the hired farm workers who left the damn pitchfork in a place where the baby should step on it? But everyone swore no one left any tools out.

From the front seat of their teal green family car with blood all over the floor mat Ana sat patiently as her mother used a tubal skin draft solution to curb the bleeding until they reached the hospital. “Daddy, no one left it out.” she said from inside the car. “The pitchfork appeared out the thin air and a strange man threw the it at me and another strange person made of light blocked it.” She felt she needed to tell exactly what happened. She felt sorry and bad for the men whom her father was angry at. Falsely believing they somehow hurt her. She believed telling the truth would rectify the accusation.

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