One Kiss Less-Randi Preston from the Easeson Women Series

A scene from

One Kiss Less

“You wanna know what?”

“No, not particularly. But I’m sure you’re going to tell me anyway.”

He glanced down into her brown face and is taken back at what he sees. The expression she borne was not the one he expected. There was no rage, animosity, nor traces of the unspoken, sworn enmity between them. Strange, it’s rather remarkable, her face showed ambidexterity and amenity peppered with hints of sorrows.

“You can hurt, kill, maim, poison, lie on people, and injure all you want. You got the world’s real prince’s seal of approval. A license to kill. Toot your horn, tell all your lies, tell them until you’re blue in the face. We both know you can. You can do it in the names of whatever you please. Whatever you need to tell yourself that you are right and everyone else is wrong. Tell your ego that you have righteousness on your side. But your conscious know the truth. Whether or not you listen; It’s up to you.”

He smirked and shifted his weight all to one leg, He wanted to see where’s going with this.

“I know you killed her.”

He expressively rolled his eyes. “And what do you plan to do about it?” He confessed.

“Nothing,” she drooped-shoulderly admitted. “Not a thing in this world. There’s nothing I can do about it but there’s Someone who will do something about it.”

“Who?” He angrily grunted. “No can touch me.”

“You can say all like, “When I die, the spirit just leave the body and dissipate into a big ole’ energy Divine Source. A state of unconsciousness. We do not pay for what we do. But we both know that’s one of the biggest lies that ever left hell. It’s a lie that’s been floating around for years. It ain’t new. You have made yourself believe you can do whatever you want and bear no consequences, but the realty is you know that isn’t true.”

“Enlighten me. What’s the reality?”

“The very basic of the Law is written in every human’s conscious mind. You know right from wrong. But just as I have seen the foretaste of heaven, you have seen the demons assigned to bring you to hell. Tow you to the Plutonian shores. I hope your dumb ass know there are demons assigned to everyone just as there are angels.”

“So have I heard, one sits on each shoulder.” He giggled.

“No, your better angel long ago departed from you. I guess, by now, he or she is back in heaven sipping rose tea trying to forget the nightmare that’s you. Your demons ride your ass and your back. You got so many demons by now you look like a ship’s bottom covered in barnacles.”

“You know people say you are insane for the things you say.”He grinned a devious smile. She’s amusing him. She frowned. His smile grew.

“Do I look like I ever gave a damn about what people say? These are the same people who ain’t got enough moral sense to come in out the spiritual rain of hellfire but yet think they are in a moral or mental condition to assert me.”

“Yes, I have noticed over the years you don’t give a damn what any one thinks of you.”

She slowly shakes her head. “You don’t get it? Do you? Every lie you tell pile more brimstones, on your head. Every death you caused compounds what the demons will someday administer your same methods ten folds on you.”

“I don’t believe your insane ranting.”

“Demons don’t give a damn if you believe it or not. You know what, I feel sort of sorrow for you.”

“I need nor want your pity.”

“There isn’t enough years left in your life to enlighten you.”

“Try me.”

“Mentally, this is as far as you will go. You will never be enlightened come to gasp a single thing I’m saying here. When your understanding cometh it will be too late. You will never be enlightened enough to feel real emotions. Enjoy a loving relationship with anyone. All praise the all mighty dollar. That’s who you are. You do a lot of thinking but have no real feelings. ”

He’s getting bored with her ranting. Her belittling him. “I’m sick of your stereotypical ranting. Your belittling me. Just because people don’t see eye to eye with you. Makes them a terrible person. You never look at someone else’s situation and see things through their eyes.”

“I supposed not liking or agreeing with using the power of a racism system to kill people is not being kind to you. I supposed calling you up on your bullshit is stereotyping you. That’s the same shit all racists and evil doers sprout when called up on their evilness. What I’m trying to tell your dump ass. You don’t mean shit to this powerful cog of evil. You are nothing but another flying monkey. It will someday fall just as every evil power have fallen, but by then you will be in hell with those barnacles doing everything to you which you have done to that saint.”

“Why do you care?”

“I don’t care.”

“You’re evil. There’s no other way to describe you. But I promised you. You will see all of this again before you leave this world.”

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Walked to the end of a rainbow.

I’ve often thought of this incident that totally defies what is taught about rainbows. I wonders what else we have been taught to believe is not really truth? By the way. you gets wet standing in a rainbow. It’s denser than a foggy morning.

The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail

RainbowAbout fifteen years ago we were going through the Midwest again. Yes, again. Back then, we did a lot of cross country traveling. I think we were still in Missouri just outside the Kansas state line.

Anyway, suddenly there was heavy downpour but it was a flat road and the weather was warm so I kept on driving. The rain storm didn’t last very long before the sun came out again. The first thing I noticed was a bright rainbow seemingly extending out of the middle of a field. I turned off the expressway onto a two lane road and drove down the pasture lane into the field having no idea who it belonged to. I told everyone we were going to see if there was really a leprechaun and pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? No, there was no leprechaun nor pot of gold at the…

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I spotted a Yellow Cardinal in my back yard.

Yellow Cardinals aren’t seen as often as a Red Cardinal.

They are seen pretty often in the Midwest but not the North. No, I am not an avid bird watcher. I just happens to notice ones I have never seen before.

Yellow Cardinal
Red and Yellow Cardinal

I need not add a picture of a Red Cardinal. 🙂

I heard of a Green and even Blue Cardinal but have never seen one.

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Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it~ A. White

The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail

via Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it

Quote by Alma White

This is a thread I posted nearly two years ago and think it’s time to repost it.


George Santayana
“Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The quote is most likely due to George Santayana, and in its original form it read, ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ He as I, wasn’t the first human to say these words but each author phrased them in their own fashion.

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Are writers and authors being held political hostages?!


[This conversation took place about three years about but it is still in the air for some writers.]

I know it’s advised by every publisher to their authors:  Not to discuss certain topics as a writer and to remain neutral on all subjects but when the stormy climate approach you and your writings you must face it and ask yourself some hard questions?

Are writers and authors being held political hostages !?!

This evening I was at a local meeting for free lance writers and published authors and someone voiced a concern I think many authors have had on their minds recently due to the volatile climate of today. One man asked was anyone else experiencing a problem of feeling damned if do say something and damned if don’t and no matter what you say or write there’s going to someone with an utmost problem with what you said or wrote.

I noticed so many in the room nodded. I nodded too because I have encountered that. The very fact that we were talking about this subject bored an air of a forbidden topic. We were supposed to be talking about writing skills, marketing, and nothing more.

Another man brushed it all off saying, “There’s always going to be someone who don’t like your work. That goes with the territory.”

Others debated him saying they’ve been writing for years. The man is right. This is something different. More than someone simply not liking your book or article. This is something new. This is a an attack on the art itself. You’re censored to death. The only way to avoid this is to write infantile stuff so beneath you.

One woman cried, ” It plain and simple. Authors are being held political hostages!”

I never thought about that. But come to think of it. We are. You can’t write deep profound issues anymore without offending someone. You can’t speak on important subjects without someone feeling you are directing the issue toward them. In writing, I noticed in everything you write you must be a “Yes” person. You can’t do much of anything as far as expressing your creativity goes without someone taking it the wrong way.

I could relate to their questions for my series were started and written before the era of hypersensitive. Before the era of everyone becoming so close minded as to what they will even remotely attempt to try and learn something about. Trying anything new. It was written in a much more experimental age.

Another man input, “History has seen what’s called the “Era of Hypersensitive” before. We know it by the name of “Third Reich“, according to him, this is what was done to writers and authors in the 1920’s in Germany.  I came home and look it up and sure enough. He was right. Everything went into an extreme  mode of hypersensitive shortly  before books, authors, literature were completely banned. Hitler used the burning of books, and murders of writers to so-called answer the outcry of the people in so-called returning to a cleaner, more wholesome form of writing.  What’s wholesome about writing pretty stuff when there are human beings being killed while you look the other way? Looking in the public archives, Germany made them free to the world. So people won’t repeat what they did. I was horrified, no, actual petrified to see the same reasons given back then I often read on line today. The only differences were the language, nationality, and era in time.

I will admit, I didn’t know about authors were being ordered to write a bunch of fairy fluff tales and children books to be distributed to the children before the era  of book burning and most of these books were destroyed when they were considered no longer of use and so were the writers. Some writers were killed because they were accused of inserting hidden messages in the stories. Newsflash! All stories have a message or they wouldn’t be a story!

One of the women whom we all have seen her books in local offices. We all knew her  father was a teenager who survived Auschwitz. She said her father had said many times Hitler used the so-called “delicate nature” of those who didn’t want to read or hear anything unpleasant to promote the persecution of writers and authors. It didn’t start in the 1930’s. It was well in place by then. It started in the late 1800’s, died  down and then picked up steam again in the 1890’s onto the early 1920’s.

Authors and writers were writing about the plights of those being picked up, tortured and killed by the Gestapo but the stories were considered too horrible for families to read about. No one wanted to read about them because they didn’t have happy endings. (Of course these stories did not have happy endings, it was the Gestapo they were writing about, you know.)  People didn’t pay attention. All they wanted to read about were the pleasantries.  They were so absorbed in their own little world until the it was too late to stop the Third Reich when it rose up like the evil it truly was. Writers and authors were telling the people all along it was evil but no one wanted to hear it.  She said her father often lament he never thought he would live long enough see the same methods employed again.

They eventually did the same with all forms of arts after they silenced all the pens.

I will admit, I’d never heard about the depressive emotions part. And Doctor Death, Josef Mengele and his team of doctors promoting depression and other mental disorders as a reason why the Jewish people should be annihilated. Saying you are depressed because of them. No, you may be depressed because of your life, past experiences, or chemical imbalance. Having nothing to do with any particular group of people. I knew about Mengele’s mind games. He played mental torture in making people, especially children believe they were not going to be killed. He worked to earn their trust before killing them. Yes, he was a really, very sick and evil bastard. But I didn’t know about his promotions of national depression and blaming writers, authors, and Jews as the reason people were depressed. Saying that if writers stop writing depressing things people wouldn’t be depressed.

I had read about how writers were smuggling work out of Germany letting the world know what was really going on. Saying nothing was as it seemed. From the outside things looked perfect normal while inside, it was really a house of horrors.

So, are we entering this horrifying with the era of hypersensitive, depressive emotions that’s so pushed as being chic in today’s agenda? Something that nearly destroyed Germany in the early to mid-20th century? It’s so prominent today that it’s scary?  I hope things never go that, far but I can’t help but wonder? I hope it’s only a fad that soon blows over. Therefore doctors can devote their time and energy to those who truly have mental issues.


anonymous woman with tied hands against gray background

HOSTAGE With hands tied

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They took flight.

Last month three caterpillars that would grow into monarch butterflies glued their cocoon on my back porch. I see them every year but this was the first time seeing three in a row. Every year, I watched them grow and change from one fascinating color to another and finally leave their cocoon.

Well, the three took flight last Monday. I thought they were in different stages of development by their colorings were different but I guess not.

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There seemed to have been much more social progress made after Pearl Harbor than after 9/11.

A reader of my literary works had some thing to say that made me ponders. This reader who is only sixteen year old, someone who wasn’t even born when 9/11 took place pointed out something I never thought about.

There seemed to have been much more social progress made after Pearl Harbor than after 9/11.

Usually such a great national tragic prompt us to improve. Become more innovative, not dig our heels in and trying to reenact the unhelpful old ways. Mourning a time that needs to be forgotten and the country move forward by setting an example that we are still a can-do nation.

I read accounts and compared notes of progresses which took place after World War II and to my generation it seems as thus after 9/11 the country went backward in progress. As if trying to recapture an earlier era.

After World War II the nation moved forward in leaps and bounds unseen since Reconstruction. Leaps and bounds mean rapidly, or in fast progress. The social progress were quick and useful.

I can’t help but wonder why things went backward instead of forward? The way we have been behaving as of the last twenty years is no way to honor those who died on that regrettable day.

This is just my two cents. 🙂

Sand slipping through fingers
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‘You bloody fool’: Australian talking duck proves birds can imitate speech.

Parrot and many other birds have already proven birds can imitate speech.

Australian Musk Duck

Southern meadow larks are known to imitate people laughing. Loons screams and laugh like an insane person.

So are mocking jays and regular jays known to copy other birds and some time people, although according to Google, the mocking jay bird isn’t a real bird but the evolutionary result of a failed government breeding experiment in the Hunger Games.

The real ones are not a result of any sort of experiments. “Google say that the mocking jay is not a real species, the fascinating trait of mimicry is very real in the wild, as seen in the mockingbird and other animals.”

What’s called a mocking jay in the USA doesn’t look like a flaming phoenix. It looks more like a specimen of lark. It looks more like a cross between a Mocking bird and a Blue jay.

I gotta tell ya…these people who write these things really need to do as Penny told Lenny on the Big Band Theory, they need to go outside some of the time and talk to people. Study nature. You can learn a whole lot by observing. Perhaps they don’t exist in all parts of the world. I don’t know.

But lo and behold, no bird yet has yelled, “You Bloody Fool” and slammed the door. It’s called an Australian musk duck. An unusually handsome prehistoric looking fellow.

Perhaps that’s how he survived all these years by insulting his enemies into a puddle of tears. Remember he also calls you a bloody fool and then sounds out the slamming of the door to drive home his point. Perhaps he yelled at his predators, “Begone from me! You bloody fool. Oh! You think you can take me on? Handle me? Ah please, don’t beguile yourself. You don’t have enough stamina to cuss at a cat.”

Australian Musk Duck

He looks like a cross between a duck and a tom turkey. His tail is even unusual.

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Question: Can an author use a name if the character is famous?

Can an author use a name if the character is famous?

I am sure many of you have read stories with characters named Sam, Mary, Ann, Joe, Eddie, and such. They are author’s stable names.

Yes, they can be used if it is an ancient or common name. Not a name the author invented. I used the name Hermione in a story long before Harry Potter hit the market. I got the name from mythology. It’s the name of an ancient Greek deity. You can’t trade mark ancient names. You have to originally create the name or word or phrase in order to own it. You can’t take a popular cultural sayings, idioms, and phrases say it’s yours. You can’t own it when people have been saying it for decades, centuries. The same applies with names.

My Hermione isn’t a witch nor attending a magical school. She’s an immortal just as some myth says she is.

You may asked: Can’t you change the name since there’s a character wearing the same name and has already made it famous?

No, not unless I’m willing to change the entire story, the theme and her relations to the other characters. Change the character’s attributes and powers as well. That’s a lot of work.

If you want to change the name of a character after discovering another author has made it famous, it’s up to you. But remember to erase all dialogues and references to the old name. Keep the name and characteristics in line with the consistency of the story.


In Greek mythology, Hermione was the daughter of Menelaus, king of Sparta, and his wife, Helen of Troy.

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