The Pangolin, the World’s Strangest and Most Desired Animal. On the Road to Extinct.

The Pangolin, the Strangest and Most Desired Animal in the World
At first glance it looks like an armadillo but actually they are two different animals.

The Pangolin is on the endangered species list. It’s critical that poachers stop killing them for they are headed toward extinction.
No one knows for sure how many are left in the wild. They do not fare well in captivity. Their only chance of surviving is people stop killing them just as Americans need to stop killing Armadillos. There isn’t an endless supply of them, you know.

They’re cute as can be. 🙂


The Giant Armadillo


Tree Pangolin / Manis triscuspis

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Samuel Morse, the Inventor of the Morse Codes was also a painter.

Hmmm?? I didn’t know Samuel Morse, the Inventor of the Morse Codes was also a painter. This is a Samuel Morse painting of the Louvre in his day and time.

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Regret is stronger than gratitude.~ Anne Frank

Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.~ Anne Frank

When I read this quote it brought to mind how often an artist or author work is raved over or finally appreciated after their death.

But the truth be told, if their work was crap while they were alive…it’s still crap after their death.

I say it’s moreso the finality in knowing that’s all the world will get out of that particular artist, writer, or sometimes musician is what increases the value of their work after their death. But some families are catching on to this phenomenon and pulling their loved ones work after their death.


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Brazilian Dentist Travels To Treat The Teeth Of Poor People For Free And Here Are 30 Transformations

I thought this was a nice things to do. Brazilian Dentist Repair teeth of the poor for free. Dental health affects a person’s entire outlook on life which is why I don’t understand it having such a low priority on the overall health care. The mouth is the gate way to the body.

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Speak Now: or Forever Hold Your Peace ~the Novel

This is a great situation comedy for preteens thru young adults but I feel it would’ve been better had the author cut back on some of all the emotions. The emotions are a serious overkill. Gee, the main character is crying, blubbering, or falling apart every few pages.  I’m still trying to figure out how someone supposedly finished college and is on their own and working supporting themselves but yet is so immature. I’m assuming the characters are supposedly a very immature twenty something year olds.  It reminded me a little of Bridgette Jones Diary.  An emotional meltdown every few pages gets to be annoying.



Speak Now: or Forever Hold Your Peace


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7 Signs That Someone You Met Is an Angel – How to Recognize an Angel In Your Presence. Have You Met An Undercover Angel

Perhaps many people have unknowingly encountered an undercover angel.

7 Signs That Someone You Met Is an Angel – How to Recognize an Angel

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Every year on November 1, millions of people celebrate authors and the books that they write on National Author’s Day.

After her grandmother’s death in 1968, Sue Cole promoted the observance of National Authors Day.  She urged people to write a note to their favorite author on November 1, to “brighten up the sometimes lonely business of being a writer.”  She also suggested flying the American flag as another way of showing appreciation for the men and women who have created American literature.


Purchase some books by your favorite author to support them. Use #NationalAuthorsDay to post on social media.


In 1928, Nellie Verne Burt McPherson, president of the Bement, Illinois Women’s Club had an idea of setting aside a day to celebrate American authors.  McPherson was a teacher and throughout her life, an avid reader.  While she was recuperating in the hospital during World War I, she wrote a fan letter to fiction writer, Irving Bacheller, telling him how much she enjoyed reading his story Eben Holden’s Last Day A’ Fishin.  Upon receiving her letter, Bacheller sent her an autographed copy of another story, and it was then that McPherson realized that she would never be able to thank him adequately for his gift.  McPerson decided to show her appreciation by submitting an idea for a National Author’s Day to the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.  They passed a resolution declaring November 1 as a day to honor American writers.  The United States Department of Commerce recognized this day in 1949.

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The Tree- A Sneak Up On You Scary Story- :)

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Paranormal Hauntings- Druid Temples

I’ve never seen these pictures of the ancient Druid Temples I did a research on them in writing :Boudica or Boudicca: Queen of the Iceni”. There’s information to be found on them but not all in one place. One will have to research records as far east from Britannia as German and pushing into Asia Minor. The Greek, Egyptians, and Macedonians wrote about them and their wisdom regarding nature.

The picture with the supposedly demon head appears to be a recent add on. It isn’t aged to match it’s surrounding. But nonetheless, the place definitely looks creepy enough to be haunted.


Druid Temples

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