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Old King Cole was a real life merry old soul.

Old King Cole Old King Cole is believed to have been based upon a real king who lived in the 3rd century A.D. The lyrics popular today date back to the early 18th century England. 1700’s The first version was … Continue reading

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Don’t let your characters be paper cut outs.

The genre doesn’t have to be new but for the love of writing; never let your characters be paper cut outs of every other character out there. Make yours unique and different. How do you do that? By reading and … Continue reading

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King Eochaidh The Horse Is A Game of Chess Played Very Well.

The game of politic isn’t new. It’s simply more forward. Take for instant, a simple game of chess is actually politic played out on a game board. This is the agenda of Queen Erin. The games she are forced to … Continue reading

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Whom The Gods Love

When first recommended to me I was a little reluctant to read it when I saw the teens on the cover. I have nothing against teens. I’ve raised several. LOL!  But putting kidding aside, actually, this is a good book. … Continue reading

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The Salem Witch Trials: Lies Can Kill

I was reading an article the other day and the authors wrote: “Lies can not hurt you.” I didn’t comment after seeing it was an inspirational blog. But I wondered where does that person lived where lies told on you … Continue reading

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Limited Time.

The more your work and books grow the sparser your time becomes. The limited time you have, you have to learn to use it wisely. Gone are the days when you could endless chat online. Gone are the days when … Continue reading

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Are you a ‘famous’ snob?

I learned something new today. It’s called “Are you a ‘famous’ snob? I asked the person to explain it to me after they made me aware of the phrase. I explained everyone has their favorite ‘whatever’. What it means is … Continue reading

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Traffic Is Booming

Maybe some of you have seen this before but I haven’t. This is new to me. Traffic Is Booming! I know it’s coming from the radio broadcasting.  That’s great!   Your stats are booming! The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on … Continue reading

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Live Radio Broadcast! “UnHoly Pursuit Saga” Live Radio Broadcast! 2nd one!

Another one was aired yesterday. This seems to be where most of my audience is as to why the publishers decided promote on radio instead of online. I guess it’s because I started offline. I maybe responsible for that due … Continue reading

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