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The Tree- A Sneak Up On You Scary Story- :)

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Paranormal Hauntings- Druid Temples

I’ve never seen these pictures of the ancient Druid Temples I did a research on them in writing :Boudica or Boudicca: Queen of the Iceni”. There’s information to be found on them but not all in one place. One will … Continue reading

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Bea’s Halloween-Bea Halloween Goodreads’ Reviews and others

    Book Review of Bea’s Halloween Bea Halloween Goodreads Reviews  

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UnHoly Pursuit Contact Page

UnHoly Pursuit Contact Page Here’s is how to reach me.

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Book of Poetry “Poetry of the Damned.”

A new author named Shane Gerry wrote a book of poetry. The few I read are good.  It’s interesting with an interesting title.  

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People are Quoting from the UnHoly Pursuit Saga’s book “UnHoly Pursuit: The Devil On My Trail

Wise Famous Quotes Thank one of you all for calling this to my attention, that quotes from one of my book is esteemed enough that others have quoted them. Honestly, I didn’t know I was being quoted. I’m humbled. That’s … Continue reading

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I was surprised to find an article on the subject “UnHoly Pursuit: The Devil On My Trail.” is based upon.

Target Individuals The articles talks about the person who is going through the gangstalking as being mentally ill saying they haven’t found a shed of evident that this is happening. I answer this in the words of Shellyanna Tidwell Preston: … Continue reading

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Hungry Ghost

October 16, 2019 by kyrabrougham The Hungry Ghost “Hungry ghosts are the demon-like creatures described in Buddhist, Taoist, Hindu, Sikh, and Jain texts as the remnants of the dead who are afflicted with insatiable desire, hunger or thirst as a … Continue reading

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Television shows and movies that were made in the seventies that couldn’t be made today.

The 1970’s were an era of facing reality. It was one of clearing the air of things needed to be said. Every stereotype about everyone was openly questioned. People admitted racism and sexism existed and talked about. I’m not condoning … Continue reading

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