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Mother cat brought her sick kitten to the emergency service in İstanbul.

via Mother cat brought her sick kitten to the emergency service in İstanbul.

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To some this quarantine is nothing new. To some it was already a way of life.

Many are restless being quarantined. This is something we have never seen. We have a better understanding of virology than in the last pandemic. Lack of quarantines allowed the 1918 Spanish Flu to spread and grow. Quarantine gives us a … Continue reading

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Children of a Lesser God~ Play by Mark Medoff~ A beautiful love story.

In the act of my catching up with my reading I come across a piece of literature I hadn’t read in years. I re-read it. It’s a beautiful love story. Children of a Lesser God is a play written by … Continue reading

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Things to do while under quarantine or more so socially isolated

Things to do while under quarantine or moreso social isolation. The list is endless. These are a few things that doesn’t require leaving home and exposing yourself. 1. Read a book from a writer you have never read before. 2. … Continue reading

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Are You A Victim of Gaslighting??

For those of you who asked more about gaslighting I thought this article contained great information about the crime. via Are You A Victim of Gaslighting??

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Confined At Home? Read A Book.

With a major holiday gone, I hope everyone is safe and healthy during this challenging time. Please take care of yourself and your family. Many of us are likely confined to home, which can have a silver lining to it … Continue reading

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Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone had a delightful day yesterday. Good Friday and remembering the true meaning of Easter.

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Coronavirus and Domestic Violence

Coronavirus and Domestic Violence In many cities all across the world there’s been a spike in domestic violence since families have no other choice but to stay at home and isolated. The number of abuse cases are climbing higher than … Continue reading

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