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Ambushed by snow! Yes! A-freaking-gain.

This morning started out clear with the promise of a good day but by 9:00 a.m. we were being ambushed by snow again. Yes, a-freaking-gain. We just dug ourselves out of the last blast less than a week ago. But … Continue reading

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Billy Graham passed away today.

I am sure by now, you all heard have about Billy Graham. He passed away today after a long illness. His crusades started in 1947 at the time when America was still deeply segregated. Graham’s first integrated crusade was held … Continue reading

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Know that you are a great writer.

Some may say this sound pompous, arrogant and pretentious but actually it is not. It is not arrogant to know your worth. Because it is going to take this attitude to make it as a writer. A few weeks ago … Continue reading

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Which Famous Painting Reflects Your Soul?

I took this online test for fun to see what would come up. “Which Famous Painting Reflects Your Soul?”    According to the test I’m a  “Mona Lisa” Amazingly, my husband once said the same thing. “You are calm and … Continue reading

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Prison of the released (Dystopian trilogy): Freedom Pill

I started reading this book about a week ago. It’s pretty good.  

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Funny questions…

“I was asked doesn’t it bother me to write these things and write about people like Nikola into existence and if anyone like him exist?” No, it doesn’t. If it bothers you then stop acting like Nikola. Then you won’t … Continue reading

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Are artists and writers allowed to talk about the obstacles they overcome?

 I hope with my limited technology usage I quote them correctly.  My question has been the same: Are artists and writers allowed to talk about the obstacles they overcome?     Salma@SalmaWrites Feb 4 Do artists ever talk about the … Continue reading

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How great minds thinks?

According to experts the daily routine of 9-to-5 is killing our creativity.  Maybe, but it surely can provide a lot of morsel to write about. Charted activity of great thinkers It’s a fun chart to look it but it doesn’t … Continue reading

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Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Blue Moon and Red Moon all in one accord.

Wow! Seems like the world is in one dazzling show at predawn and tomorrow night. The last time a supermoon, lunar eclipse, a blue moon, and red moon happened all in one evening, night, and predawn was over a hundred … Continue reading

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