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Unholy Pursuit: The Devil on My Trail. Kindle Count down

There’s a count down going on right now for the kindle version of this book.

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“How do you do?”

Let me tell you something. It’s ok to be bitter and unhappy sometimes. Especially if you have a justifiable reason. I know it’s popularly portrayed that one must be cheerful 24/7 to be considered a functional member of society. I … Continue reading

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Lighten up! :)

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Have you ever seen an exciting good guy?

A woman sent this one. As you can guess. Have you ever seen an exciting good guy? How this one came about was the other day I was having lunch with two friends and one asked why was Azazel so … Continue reading

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You can’t please everyone. You are not a pizza.

From time to time people sends me meme. Some are quiet funny. Some are silly. Some are thoughtful. I have a collection of them. I keep them mainly because I appreciate people sharing them with me.  

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A True Strong Woman

A strong woman doesn’t back down from challenges. She face them head-on. She doesn’t hide from them, she face them and comes out swinging.
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“INTRUDERS” I warn you…my elves aren’t nice.

    Although, this book won’t be out anytime soon but it goes into greater depth about the main character’s family. This is not a children’s story.      

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Is this series like the television show “Supernatural”?

     As you all know I try to share what’s going on with the series from time to time. So I’m sharing again. A potential fan asked if this series anything like the popular television show “Supernatural” by I have … Continue reading

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My publisher explained the rating system.

Recently my publisher explained the book rating system to me. She pointed out my first book has climbed from way down in the 3 million rank in December up to the 16,000th rank position in paranormal romance by January and … Continue reading

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