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Nature Boy by Nat King Cole

There was a boy A very strange, enchanted boy They say he wandered very far Very far, over land and sea A little shy and sad of eye But very wise was he And then one day One magic day … Continue reading

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Historians and history commentators are not the same.

There’s a difference between a historian and history commentary or commentator. Most people mistaken the two to be the same when they aren’t. A historian records unbiased facts by interviewing eye witnesses and in some cases they were an eyewitness. … Continue reading

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The Tree-The First Book of the Chronicles of Ana

Here you go. I thought it was already posted. Anyway. Here is again and thanks for asking.  

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Loving Yourself v/s Narcissism

Healthy self love builds confidence and self esteem and should be encouraged from early childhood. It’s not the same as narcissism. Narcissism is when one thinks they are better, better looking,  smarter and more privilege than everyone else. And everyone … Continue reading

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3 Types of Book Reviews You Can Write and How to Write Them — Author Toolbox

I thought this would be useful to the readers since book reviews are so important. I didn’t create the list. JJ Burry-3 Types of Book Reviews You Can Write and How to Write Them

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School Shootings: Why The Epidemic?

I perused this book over the weekend. It’s another exciting book by the new author Rachel Hightower. It’s much like her first novel. She knows to dig deeper than the surface of current events and give the root cause of … Continue reading

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War History-1861-1973 the draft lasted more than a hundred years.

To those of us who have soldiers in our family we know that things aren’t always as they seems.We know that the price of freedom is not free. A solider somewhere and their family paid a very high price for … Continue reading

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The Truth About Memorial Day

According to oral history this holiday existed predating the Civil War. It goes all the back to Colonial times. It was not about military remembrance. It was the day one remembered deceased relatives as a whole not military. Veteran Day … Continue reading

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I’m not the author of this beautiful but very touching poem or short story.  It speaks volumes. It reminds us that oftentimes the greatest battles are those we do not see fought and oftentimes those in the battle do not … Continue reading

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