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Millennials Are Underestimated.

I see the public has gravely underestimated the Millennials. As a parent of Millennials, I understand them a lot better than those who don’t have children in this age group. They are not as lost and naive as the nation … Continue reading

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Reading an interesting autobiography this week.

The elderly woman was French. I met her at a literature lecture. She asked to see me after the setting.  I thought, “Oh no, she’s going to get on me about something horrible I wrote about in one of my books.” … Continue reading

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Time is Scarce

I didn’t write this original post. It’s a reblog. The author has a very good point. He said “Time isn’t a commodity.” I thought about this in relation to writing.  Every book, post, article written is someone giving you a … Continue reading

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The Pirates of Penzance! Now, this is what bragging looks like.

I’ve always believed we have to believe in ourselves before anyone else can believe in us. If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will? When all the negativity is drowning out the positive we have to learn to shut … Continue reading

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Who Fans Picked to Play Which Character if the Book Series were Made into a Movie.

My publisher sent out a questionnaire to fans asking if the series were made into a movie who would they like to see play who. Here are the results from those who replied:      Azazel                                   Bea                                         Ana Nicole Beharie-Ana Quvenzhané … Continue reading

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Germatopia-Sci fi

This is one of the few sci-fi novels I have written.

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Souls for Sale

What would you be willing to sell your soul for? And if so, what would you sell it for? Wealth? Fame? Love? Health? Beauty? And at what price?   (No, this is not a manual about buying and selling souls. … Continue reading

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Real Friends Don’t Mind. Acquaintances and friends are not the same.~ by Amanda Stevens

Real Friends Don’t Mind by Amanda Stevens Sometimes one of you all post a reply to something that makes me think deeper on many things. She didn’t give it a title. I named it from the contents. For those who … Continue reading

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The Unholy Pursuit Saga Trailer

Here is the link to the book trailer of “Unholy Pursuit: The Devil on My Trail.” and “Clash with the Immortals”   The UnHoly Pursuit Saga Trailer   Enjoy.    

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