King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior


It was the year of 887 A.D., the end of Roman occupation in Britannia and still the very mention of his real name congers up of the dark images of hell, torture, vile things and fire. So he kept it to himself. At this time the Scots were fighting off the kings of England as well as coping with the bitter struggles of their own clans. Not to add their defense against the fearsome Viking. They needed all the aid they could get. But as their sphere of military influence grew they waged better battles against the kings of England. But was unable to defeat them. Little did they know who was helping them fight for personal reasons. Reasons this strange king kept to himself.







This is the first book of the quadrilogy (4 books) that will begin in later March. It may seems as thus I have written a lot of books but actually all were written years ago. I am just getting around to publishing them. 🙂


About unholypursuit

A. White is a long time member of Romantic Time and Publisher's Weekly who has been writing for over fifteen years. She took classes in creative writing in college, specializing in ancient myths and legends. and at a local community center while living in Chicago. In college she won the national contest to verbally list every country in the world, it's capital and ingenious language. Her works are mainly horror, fantasy, extreme, and sci-fi as well as, as some may says, "the truly strange predicament and puzzling." Books that I've written are "Clash with the Immortals, and eleven others which are part of the "Unholy Pursuit saga," which should be finished this year. She has been working on the Chronicles since 2007. She wished to complete them all before introducing them to public so the readers wouldn't have to for the continuation to be written. The ideas of the book came from classic literature such as whose work greatly influence the world world such as Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Euripides, Socrates, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle and many more. The "Book of Enoch" influenced the usage of Azazael as a main character and love interest. I created the primary main character from the Chronicle of Saints. I wanted to show them as real flesh and blood with thoughts, desires and yearning as any human. Not as they are so often depicted. So I created one of my own to show her as a real human that everyone can relate to.
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283 Responses to King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior

  1. The Lover says:

    I just read the Immortal Lover and I have to agree with Azazel. You can’t be a true lover of women and yet be racist. A true lover loves all women and treat them equally. It’s so sad to see racist, misogynists men trying to adorn the title of a lover.

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  2. Alvin from Best Book Reviews Blog says:

    I looked at the book very carefully because this is what I do for a living. It’s my job to find errors and write about them. I don’t hand our raving reviews very often. But I must say this is truly a magnificent book! I find the way you described King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior very realistic but yet left a whim of fantasy within the contents. You didn’t make it overpowering with fantasy element. I’m assuming the author have experience in writing in this context in order coming up with such a well as written but exciting book. The description of Queen Erin taking a last stand to save her country and facing the enemy’s line was so real, it was if I could feel the Irish sun on my face too. Even down to the details of ancient Ireland warpaint and feather was precise. It held me spellbind although, I bought it to see if the others posts here were genuine or a fakes. I keeps reading raves after of the books and believed them to be fakes. But the book proved me wrong. The others are right. It is indeed a work of art and I love the antique look of the red book cover. Congratulations, you managed to impress me and I’m not easily impressed.

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  3. Muriel says:

    Olá. Meu nome é Muriel e eu sou de Portugal. Eu queria deixar você saber que você tem um post muito bom e até mesmo bons livros. Encontrei seu blog e queria passar e dizer que é um prazer conhecê-lo.

    Eu realmente gostei de reverter suas postagens. E espero que você escreva novamente em breve. Estou tão feliz por não ter transformado em um blog sobre tudo além de seus livros. Eu não gosto quando os autores transformam seus blogs em assuntos que não têm nada a ver com seus livros, obrigando você a olhar através de muitas coisas para encontrar informações sobre seus livros. Não me importo em ler alguns posts sobre a vida pessoal ou a opinião do autor, mas fica cansativo quando o blog inteiro é sobre algo diferente dos seus livros.


    Hi, there. my name is Muriel and I’m from Portugal. I wanted to let you know you have a very good post and even great books. I came across your blog and wanted to drop by and say it’s a pleasure meeting you.

    I have truly enjoyed broswering around your posts. And I hope you write again soon. I am so glad you haven’t turn it into a blog about everything other than your books. I don’t like it when authors turn their blogs into subjects having nothing to do with their books forcing you to look through a lot of stuff to find information about their books. I don’t mind reading a few posts that’s about the author’s personal life or opinion but it gets tiresome when the whole blog is about something other than their books.


  4. Davin says:

    Hi, I am Davin, its my first occasion to commenting here, when i read this posts i thought i could also create comment due to this is a very good book.

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  5. Asianna says:

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote a review comment about your books but after I clicked submit my review didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyways, just wanted to say I loved the books! So far I own three of your books and they haven’t disappointed me yet. I intend to read The Tree next after reading the comments about it.

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  6. Terra says:

    Hey There. I discovered your blog after reading the book. It is an extremely well written book. I loved the action and love scenes. Especially where Ana is trying to get King Eochaidh to force on why he’s in her present day but his mind is on sex. It was funny the way she was trying to dress him in modern clothing. She tells him to go stop the people bombing them by talking to them. He go beat the hell out of them and saying talking isn’t his way of dealing with people. I’ll be sure to read the continuation of the series and return to read extra of your excerpts.


  7. judah says:

    I am constantly browsing the site for the next book after I have discovered yours. Appreciate it!

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  8. The Dark Spaniard says:

    Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after browsing through a few of the posts I realized it’s new to me. So I really don’t know how I found your book but glad I did. Keep writing them.

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  9. Annie says:

    Wow! The very end of this book, you don’t see it coming but it’s deliciously creepy. There’s no way on earth I would go into a crypt in the middle of the night.

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  10. Joula says:

    Meu marido e eu estávamos procurando algo diferente para ler e tropeçar aqui de uma página diferente que encontrei no Google e pensei que também possamos verificar as coisas. Eu gosto do que vejo aqui, então eu decidi apenas segui-lo. Estou ansioso para descobrir seus outros livros depois de ler King Eochaidh e The Immortal Lover. Nunca ouvi falar do seu trabalho, mas é diferente. Não acredito que tenha lido nada parecido. Mantenha o trabalho de exitação. Eu ainda estou rindo do que significa que Azazel disse para o moribundo Casanova. Fui amaldiçoado no início e depois peguei a pista. Foi hilário. Você realmente sabe como pressionar os botões de forma inofensiva, escrevendo o que é verdade. Ninguém pode se irritar com a verdade. RI MUITO!

    My hubby and I were looking for something different to read and stumbled here from a different page I found on Google and thought we might as well check things out. I like what I see here so I decided to just follow you. I look forward to finding out about your other books after reading King Eochaidh and The Immortal Lover. I have never heard of your work but it’s different. I don’t believe I’ve read anything quite like it. Keep up the exicting work. I am still laughing at what mean Azazel said to the dying Casanova. I was mollified at first and then caught the hint. It was hilarious. You really knows how to push buttons in an unoffensive way by writing what is true. No one can get angry about the truth. LOL!

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  11. Mella says:

    It’s hard to say which book is my favorite. I agree with Alvin


  12. says:


    Watashi no bunka ni wa kono monogatari ni nita densetsu ga arimasu. Josei wa jikan o kakete tabi o shite koibito o mitsukeru koto o nozoite.

    There is a legend in my culture similar to this story. Except the lady does not travel through time to find her lover.


  13. Yani says:

    Hey there! You’ve a terrific blog and even greater books. You’ve spoiled me. Now, I am looking for every book to be this exciting. I normally don’t read very much but a friend recommended this book to me and I loved it. I loved the way you wove the work of King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. I can easily see it being made into a movie. I would love to see that battle scene where Ana appeared in the past in the middle of an active battle and is hiding behind her shield waiting for the Horse Warrior to attack. She doesn’t know it’s her man riding that big horse and doesn’t care. He better identify himself quickly before she let him have it. Final, but not least I’ve found out the other books fall perfectly in sync to King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. It led me to investigate the other books which have ended currently with my being very pleased with them. Thanks, person responsible! You’ve undertaken quite a tremendous task and pulled it off with flying colors.


  14. Moses says:

    If anyone is looking for most excellent contents like me, pay a visit this web site often as it presents quality contents. Buy the books. They are even better than the website. Much better. One of the few gems of literatrue truly waiting to be discovered.

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  15. Barbara says:

    Hello There. I found your blog after reading the book. It is a very well written book. I didn’t want it to end. I will certainly come back for I have to know what else happened. Now, this is my idea of a heroine and a love story. Her man is man enough to accept her for who she is without all the chauvinistic bull. I love Ana’s kick ass and take names approach to situations.


  16. Best Books Review-Motely says:

    Hello! Excellent book! I really enjoyed how your book King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior and how you brought the characters to life. There’s no doubt that the author may be a historian and have a vast amount of fantastic knowledge in writing about medieval Europe. As for me, I don’t write review very often, unless I find something that truly captures my imagination. It must produce virtually fun and on hand emotions. Having said that, I agree with the Amazon review of this book. It would make an excellent movie. For one thing: it’s fresh and hasn’t been done before. Usually books about this time period are all the same. But King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior isn’t. It’s totally so unpredictable. You don’t know what to expect from one page to the next. Like the scene of Queen Erin wandering in the forest at night. Exactly what was that thing that led her back to Norshires? The horse had more sense than the queen. The horse didn’t want to go. Even the fairies and their queen were scary.

    This is what I normally look for when reading a book to write a reviews. I look for originality. Not copies of everything else out there.

    I want to ask one question…is Ana really afraid of the underbelly of those leviathans or she is pretending just to get King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior to baby and defend her. I am asking because the woman isn’t afraid of much of anything else. Not that it would take much to get King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior to pamper her. Heck, I know I was afraid of the underbelly of those things, I was seeing their evisceration for days and it takes someone on the level of Lovecraft to scare me but you managed to do it.


    • Hi Motely, welcome. Thanks for dropping by. And thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write a review. Yes, Ana is truly afraid of the levithian’s under-bottom. The reason isn’t mentioned in King King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior but it is some of the other books. As for the being leading the Queen through the forest it’s a creation of the goddess she consulted for what to do about King Eochaidh and his noncommittal attitude to her cause.


  17. Maria says:

    Hallo A. White, ik merkte op dat de meeste berichten hier door mannen zijn, maar ik ben hier om je te vertellen dat er veel vrouwen zijn die van deze soort actie en romantiek houden. Ik hield van de manier waarop Ana en Erin op de eilanden van koning Eochaidh stonden. Ook zijn er geen pushover. Zij zijn beiden sterke vrouwen.

    Ik kom uit Nederland en ik kan mezelf gemakkelijk zien als een schild. Ik had me 1000 jaar geleden gewoond. Het thema van deze roman, naar mijn mening, is echt opmerkelijk.

    Hello A. White, I noticed most of the posts here are by guys but I’m here to tell you there are lot of women who loves this sort of action and romance. I loved the way Ana and Erin stood up to King Eochaidh’s boorish ways. Neither are a pushover. They’re both strong willed women.

    I’m from the Netherlands and I can easily see myself as a shield maiden had I lived over a 1,000 years ago. The theme of this novel, in my opinion, its really remarkable.


  18. Ralph Lauren says:

    I can definitely see your skills within the images you paintings with your writing. The public dearly hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time go after your heart. “The most profound joy has more of gravity than of gaiety in it.” by Michel de Montaigne.

    I also read “The Tree” it’s a profound literary work. Keep up the good work.


  19. The Harlem Book Review Club says:

    Wow! What a marvelous book! I never reviewed a book outside of urban romance and was reluctantly to take on this genre but glad I did. I must say I strongly favor the strategy you used in creating King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. I’ve found the information provided on King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior, a historical figure I had never heard of…well rather useful. The book made me take the time to investigate this colorful character. We discussed it tonight at my book club of how an African American woman for once is portrayed as a heroine and a love interest. She isn’t down and out and suffering. Few books I have read portrayed a black woman in this light and received such high recognition. Being able to do that…you’ve accomplished an exceptional task.

    The book was recommended by a member who wanted to try something different. Now, our next read will be the Immortal Lover.



  20. Octavia says:

    You know what? I’m still ⅼearning from you, you post lots of stuff I never heard of, like King Eochaidh. I definitely loѵe reading the things that you have written about. Keep the articles coming. I liked them! Remember me when you becomes famous. 😀

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  21. Jessca says:

    Nice responds to the questions on post. The only thing I wish was the book had more romance and less fighting. But I guess it is called “The Horse Warrior.”


  22. hurricane maria lands on US says:

    Thank you for thinking of us. The storm was incredibly scary.. most of the island is still dark so it really is very really. It’s incredibly frightening to sit in the dark and listened to the wind scream. I’m embarrassed to say this but I thought about what would Ana do at a time like this. She would pray and I did. Your heroine encourages people because she’s an everyday woman. Again, thank you for thinking of us and praying for us. That means a lot. It’s you who could be running the country. 🙂


  23. OnLy Romantic Books says:

    I didn’t think I would like this book because it’s so different from my normal genre. But after getting into it. I loved it. I wish Ana was more romantic. She and Queen Erin are both manipulative, cold women. But no one can say they aren’t strong women. Queen Erin led her army against a much strong foe braver than any man. With nerves of steel. Knowing she would die. This is the only time any romance is shown between her and King Eochaidh. When she died. I guess to some this is romantic but not to me. I was expecting a deep romance to develop between Erin and the Horse Warrior but it never did. But she did find love at last just not in Eochaidh’s arms.


    • Hi, I am glad you changed your mind after getting into the story. It’s a romantic story but not that type of romantic novel. I believe there’s more than one type of romance. Both women are leaders. Many lives are counting on them to stay strong. I won’t list spoilers but throughout the story Eochaidh shows he cares for Erin. Maybe not in the modern sense of fiery romance but remembers what happens in the last battle? At Erin’s famous stand?


  24. Cole says:

    Thank you for writing a marvelous creepy book! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you may be a great author.I will recommend it to my colleagues who love history. I’ll definitely will come back to see what’s new. I wrote mainly to encourage you to continue your great work. I just read The Tree. Exactly, what is Cooter and why is he out in the dead of the night pestering an innocent little girl? I read it but came to understands it’s a Southern cultural thing. I thinks he’s a demon created by the atrocious deeds committed on that tree. I understand he is a remnant from slavery in America.

    Any way, have a nice holiday weekend!


    • Cole, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate the recommendations and encouragement. I’m glad you you enjoyed it. Yes, one have to have some basic understanding of Southern history, Gothic stories and legends to fully understand what Cooter is. Yes, you’re right. He is a demon He’s a demon from the past. He harasses the little girl for a reason listed in the book. He knows what she is and know she can stop him someday. But Evil has no reason to do what it does. “Evil does, evil do.”


  25. Kristy says:

    Erin really knows how to play the hand life dealt her. She uses her body, charm or anything else to make Eochaidh fight for her. Smart girl before her time in history.


  26. Gad says:

    Loved it. Want more King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. It reminded me a little of the popular series called the Vikings. Oh, I forgot Vikings were in this story.


  27. Herman says:

    I liked this story. Are there any more like this one?


  28. Sandra says:

    Hi, I am nothing like the bad Sandra in the first book. 🙂 Having said that. I hope you continues to write and put out the entire series.


  29. Book Worms Book Reviews says:

    Hello there! I see there are may wonderful comments about King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. I thought I would let you know I’ll be sending my assessment of the book shortly. It’s set medieval Europe but I noticed the air I got from the book didn’t exactly lead one to believe it was medieval Europe. It could’ve been any era. I won’t giveaway my opinion yet. I’ll be sending it after I finish the Immortal Lover. I want to see how your books connects.


    • Thank you for reading it.


    • Alma says:

      The reason you didn’t get that feeling it was the Middle Ages as you know it is because it wasn’t written in the most popular ideology of the Middle Age. It was written describing another era predating the Early Middle Ages. That’s stated in the beginning of the book. That’s why I mentioned the fact that the Roman occupation had ended.

      Actually King Eochaidh predates what we know as even the Mid- Late Middle Ages. The era most people are familiar with. Most of the castles during the 7th century and before were built by the Romans not by European aristocrats and I tried to write the story in that concept. The era most people are most familiar with is commonly called the Mid-Middle Ages. It hadn’t begun during this time.The early Middle Age lasted from about 500 AD – 1000 AD, There was a period predating the Early Middle Ages called Migration Period, 400 AD – 800 AD. This is the era in which the story in written in.

      Late Middle Ages, 1300 – 1500. The Age of Expedition ended the Middle Ages.

      All of Europe didn’t instantly transform at the beginning of the early Middle Ages. Many held on to their old tribal customs and cultures predating Rome. That’s how we know what they were like in B.C. Ireland was a country that didn’t try to transform itself. Britain was the seat of the Roman Northern Empire as to why it was so much more powerful than Ireland and Scotland. All of the ruling families of Britaina are descendants of Rome. Rome set up the system that eventually became feudal Europe. A model of government still used today. 🙂

      I try to stay true to however the history was passed down to us rather it right or wrong.


  30. Kierana says:

    Good day! Wonderful books! I loved ending of King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. I didn’t see that one coming. As a matter of fact, nothing in this book you can see it coming. I’m a producer and I think this is a substantial work written in a way it can easily be made into a movie. It’s different from most work I have had submitted to my studio by script writers. Have you considered converting it into a script? It’s a new character with a very colorful history. You have my email address so if you and your publishing company wish to talk. I’m willing to listen. Azazel alone makes a good supporting character.


  31. Captain Maude says:

    I’m impressed, I must say, the author did a great job in bringing the characters to life. Seldom do I encounter a book that’s both equally educational and actually interesting, and without a doubt the author hit a homerun in King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. The storyline is about a historical figure that too few people knows about. I later looked him up and learned he’s basically considered the founder of Ireland. I’m very happy I found this book in my hunt for something interesting to read. But I warn others! Once you start these books, you’ll not want to put them down!


  32. Lawrence says:

    It’s very easy to read and understand your books. This is one is my favorite. If it was made into a movie. I would definitely buy the ticket.


  33. Sabrina says:

    I’m from Nepal and stumbled across your work. I know it’s fictional but the realism its written in really cause one to think. There’s a fringe of reality these things can happen.


  34. Sabrina says:

    I come frequently and genuinely appreciate your blog. Your articles really are interesting and so are your novels. I found you after seeing your books on Amazon.


  35. Sterling says:

    Hello! I would like to offer you two huge thumbs up for King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior.


  36. Rocky says:

    I like it when people get together and share opinions about a book. Have a lively conversation about a great book. I see many have already said that but I’m saying it again. Keep up the great work! A word of advice. Don’t let the rating system online determine the success of your books. Those of us who graduated from the school of real life loves the way you writes.


  37. Janine says:

    I’m still learning from you. I’m trying to reach my goals in getting my novel completed. When I complete it I hope you don’t mind reading it. I love how you encourage other authors like me who have no idea what they’re doing but loves to write. I like the fact you aren’t bogged down the petty competition scene like so many authors. I absolutely adores reading everything that is posted on your site. Keep the books and articles coming. I love it!


  38. Harmony Book review says:

    Hello there! I must tell you, you have a great book! I love the way in which detailed King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. Good workmanship was applied. All characters do not go well together but these characters are matched with great companions. The characters really enrich each other. I take joy in reading the work of people who are really good at crafting a great literary work of art. Thanks for the masterpiece. As an independence reviewer I’m not beholding to anyone to write a certain opinion or review. Good or bad. No one or nothing influenced my opinion other than sick of reading uninteresting books. I’ll be following the series.

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  39. Lona says:

    I think more writers need to write with as much flair and enthusiasm as you. Even partial educational novels such as this one can have exciting characters. Life is what you injected in your writings. They’re not only entertaining but also very informative. Your views and takes on historical subjects are very unique. Keep writing the great books.

    However, I was lot disappointed today, I just viewed the vote for Goodreads’ Books of the years and none of yours made the list. I was surprised for I looked for them for I was expecting at least one of them to have made the list. ‘King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior’ I was so disappointed I didn’t even bother to vote. Why vote if there’s nothing there I want to read? So I hope one of them makes it next year for they are really new angled, exciting books.

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  40. Brianna says:

    It’s quiet impressive how you are able to get your thoughts into a smooth order and form an exciting book. I thought so as well as from the character’s dialogue. They’re like real people talking and communicating. You forgets they’re actually characters and not real people.

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  41. Kiera says:

    Great book. Can’t wait for the installment.


  42. Dylan says:

    Hey there! Terrific book! I find nice the way this post talked about King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior .Incredibly, I’ve never imagined that an intruder like myself should certainly pick out King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior and read it and even plans to pick a copy up for a Christmas gift to an avid reader I know for it’s subsequently worth it the read.


  43. Saul Monrosdquo says:

    Hello! I’m from North Africa. I must say there are many excellent reviews here and I agree with them. I favors the way you defined King Eochaidh the Horse Warrior. It’s wonderfully prose and well written, my friend. I truly appreciate time taken to create these great books. A book is like a person giving you a part or piece of their life, themselves. It’s no trivial thing as the modern world sees everything.

    This is a great example of a good read for those that can’t write successfully. They can read it and see what the public wants to read. A lot of folks mistakenly use too much emotions and not enough actions in their writings or the reversal. I like how you knows how to use just enough of both to keep the reader interested. Keep up the great work. I can tell you’ve been doing this for many, many years by your style of writing. That’s the marksmanship of a true author. Not the dollar signs. It doesn’t matter if the world like it or not. Your work will leave this world a better place than you found it. You made your mark.

    Mungu atabasamu juu yenu. It means (May God smile on you.)


    • Hello Saul, it’s nice to have you. Thanks for the compliments. They are much appreciated. I never thought of things that way. But you’re right. Writing a book is giving of oneself. Thanks for the translation.


  44. Junita says:

    I see lots of raving comments here. But I’m sorry to say but I do not find the book all that appearing. I’s an exceptional story but all the violence killed the romance. King Eochaidh isn’t nice to anyone but Ana. He thinks the sun rise and set on her but it doesn’t. He seems to think the world revolves around how he feels about her. Newsflash! It doesn’t. To everyone else, King Eochaidh is a pompous asshole. So, what he’s an Immortal. He treats people like $hit. He’s not a nice person. Even his own future persona admits he was an asshole back then.

    Another thing I didn’t like. It was wrong on so many level for him to pull Ana from the future and sit her beside himself as his queen at Erin’s dinner party while he was married to Erin. The man had no character at all. I know he informed Erin about Ana saying how much he loved her and said their marriage was in name only but still, he was wrong. He only agreed to help Erin fight to save her people’s lives…get this; to save artifacts of Ana from destruction when he wasn’t around. He placed artwork above people. That’s why he’s angry and came back to kill Alfred the Great for burning a painting of Ana. The thing was barely scorched but in his eyes someone had to pay because after all they had touched his beloved Ana. He would’ve killed Alfred the Great had the angels not interfered and informed him that the man was one of Ana’s ancestors and if he kills him then Ana will never exist.

    Why are these two strong capable women vying for his attention? The only thing I liked was Erin found love in the end. Tilleach had loved her since the days he was a page boy. I understand Erin is trying to save her country but why submit to so much depravation? Like the examination to determine if she’s fit to rule or not. It was nothing but a bunch of perverts getting a peek at a woman. I know it was written in the concept of its day and time and I’m judging it by modern standards. But I think Queen should’ve just let the Brits had the ungrateful cads. Killed them all. They didn’t truly appreciate her because she lacked a penis.


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