“Gaslighting” Is Merriam-Webster’s 2022 Word of the Year

I guess people finally talked about this so much until the dictionary decided to make it the word of the year.

We’ve discussed it a lot here because gaslighting often go hand in hand with gangstalking.

It’s not new, the younger generation is just now paying it attention. Once upon a time, not very long ago, you were deemed crazy and admitted to a mental institution if you openly said this was happening to you.

It’s said to be coined in “a 1938 play and 1944 Oscar-nominated film Gaslight, which portrays a husband’s plot to convince his wife that she’s losing her mind by telling her that the gaslights in their home, which dim when he’s in the attic doing dastardly deeds, are not fading at all.


About unholypursuit

A. White, an award winning former librarian, who is also a long time member of Romantic Time and Publisher's Weekly. A. White has been writing for over fifteen years. She took classes in creative writing in college, specializing in ancient myths and legends. and later at a local community center while living in Chicago. In college she won the national contest to verbally list every country in the world, it's capital and ingenious language. Her works are mainly horror, fantasy, extreme, and sci-fi as well as, as some may says, "the truly strange predicament and puzzling." Books that I've written are "Clash with the Immortals, and eleven others which are part of the "Unholy Pursuit saga,". She has been working on the Chronicles since 2007. She wished to complete them all before introducing them to public so the readers wouldn't have to for the continuation to be written. The ideas of the book come from classic literature such as whose work greatly influence the world world such as Homer, Sophocles, Herodotus, Euripides, Socrates, Hippocrates, Aristophanes, Plato, Aristotle and many more. The "Book of Enoch" influenced the usage of Azazael as a main character and love interest. I created the primary main character from the Chronicle of Saints. I wanted to show them as real flesh and blood with thoughts, desires and yearning as any human. Not as they are so often depicted. So I created one of my own to show her as a real human that everyone can relate to.
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11 Responses to “Gaslighting” Is Merriam-Webster’s 2022 Word of the Year

  1. In short, gaslighters lie about lying.

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  2. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    ❤️ The Worst “Gaslighters” and “Gangstalkers” ARE Kids EveryOne; kids who Mimic Parents EveryBody


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    • I won’t dispute that. Kids are vastly different today from when I was a child.

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      • Yernasia Quorelios says:

        💜 No, “kids” are just the same as YOU!!! because YOU!!! Changed YOUR!!! ChildLike Behaviours and became a Groan Up; please 🙏🏿 THINK it Thru

        nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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        • Did I ever say kids were any different from me? No, I didn’t. You arrogantly implied that’s what I said. I’m sick of you making assumptions about me when you know nothing at all about me. What someone is telling you is a mouth full of lies and you need to use that Latin wisdom you have and wise up and realize that. I was more of an adult at age four than you are at your present big old age.

          I just said they are capable of thinking up a lie on their own. Lying is a part of human nature. That doesn’t make it right but it’s who we are. Anyone who ever raised children know that.

          Kids born in gangstalking families have never been allowed to be normal children. They are trained from toddlerhood to harass other children, and lie on innocent people. I had of those little lying rugrat to lie on my dog and his lie got her killed. So don’t tell me what gangstalking kids are capable of. You don’t know the half of what they are capable of doing and saying, so give advice on that which you know nothing about.

          I’m not being crude nor cruel here, but the things you say are familiar to me.

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  3. Tyre says:

    It has started happening to a lot of people who was once immune to it.

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  4. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Kids are the Worst “Gaslighters” of ALL EveryOne; because they don’t know how to lie until they learn to lie; let that sink in before responding to this kiddy comment EveryBody

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐


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    • As a caretaker, parent and teacher of many children, kids can lie very well all on their own.

      nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit-unless he died, he won neither nor will he

      No one death’s serves any purpose. Life is where purpose exist. They dead and do nothing. They are simply buried and forgotten.

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  5. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 “Death” is a Release from the Trials and Travails of 3DLiving EveryOne; but “Death” is NOT!!! The End…kids know this; but Groan Ups Do NOT!!! EveryBody



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